Tuesday, January 13, 2009

About Today: Are You in Danger of Being Fired?

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  from Jen Hubley
A friend of mine, whom I will leave nameless to protect the neurotic, is always totally sure that she's about to be fired. As you can imagine, the current climate is not helping with this at all.

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In Danger of Getting Fired or Laid Off?
About once a day, I get an IM from her asking me if I think today is the day her personal financial situation comes crashing down. I pretty much stick to my usual Pollyanna-ish outlook and tell her absolutely not.

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Unemployment May Rise Above 9% in 2009
Then I read the news and consider joining her on the crazy train. Seriously? I'm thinking I'll start my own financial paper and call it the "Chicken Little Daily AHHHH!"

How to Handle Being Fired
The fact is, though, very few of us make it through our whole career (or all five or six careers the average person has in her life) without getting laid off. So it seems like the soundest policy to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

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Best Moves in a Bad Economy
Save & Invest the Right Way
Find out how to beat a bear market, make smart choices, and keep your cool even when the economy is unpredictable.

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