Monday, January 5, 2009

10 Most Popular Stories of the Week

10 Most Popular Stories from
Monday, January 05, 2009

1.A Spurt of Quake Activity Raises Fears in Yellowstone
By Pat Dawson / Billings
Scientists are carefully measuring the geological activity in the
national park because it contains the caldera of an enormous, a
ncient and still active volcano$zuyzVy4/time1-22

2.Facebook's War on Nipples
By Ada Calhoun
The latest battle apparently has nothing to do with the best
to nourish a baby or the boundaries between private and public.

It's about the nipples, stupid$zuyzVy4/time2-22

3.Nuclear's Comeback: Still No Energy Panacea
By Michael Grunwald
Proponents tout atomic energy as a clean, carbon-free alternative
to coal and oil. But sky-high costs and uncertain financing coul
d sink nukes again$zuyzVy4/time3-22

4.The Good Times Stop Rolling: Vegas Meets the Recession
By T.R. Witcher / Las Vegas
Sin City once thought it was impervious to decline. Not anymore$zuyzVy4/time4-22

5.10 Things to Do in 24 Hours
What's not totally awesome about a fake New York City skyline wit
h a roller coaster running through it, a block containing every g
reat restaurant in the world and a town that finally caters to my
every base desire?$zuyzVy4/time5-22

6.The Financial Crisis Blame Game
Who and what got us into this financial mess? Here's my far-from-
exhaustive list of the guilty$zuyzVy4/time6-22

7.Why We Take Risks -- It's the Dopamine
By Alice Park
If risk-taking behavior looks like addiction, there may be a biol
ogical reason for that: both behaviors involve the brain's feel-g
ood chemical, dopamine.$zuyzVy4/time7-22

8.Can iStanford Take On Facebook Mobile?
By Josh Quittner
Kayvon and Aaron. The two Stanford students who helped develop th
e iStanford iPhone app may be poised to become the tech world's n
ext Larry and Sergey$zuyzVy4/time8-22

9.Busted! Taking Down Miss Hispanic America
By Ioan Grillo / Mexico City
A belleza is arrested in Guadalajara. What was lovely Laur
a Zuniga doing with suspected drug capos?$zuyzVy4/time9-22

10.Have Americans Gone Nuts Over Nut Allergies?
By Tiffany Sharples
Is evacuating a school bus full of children because of a lone pea
nut on the floor a smart precaution, or overkill?$zuyzVy4/time10-22

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Saturday, December 27, 2008escue An injured Palestinian is helpe
d from the rubble after an Israeli missile strike in afah, Gaza

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