Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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December 30, 2008 | Afternoon Edition
Top Stories
Israel Prepares For Next "Phase" In Gaza
Prime Minister Says Aerial Attack Was "First Of Several" Tactics As Offensive Reaches Turning Point

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Border Patrol: Fewer Illegal Crossings
CBS Evening News: As American Economy Tanks, Foreign Workers Don't Come Looking For Jobs, Border Observers Say

 Rise Of The Fix-It Economy
 250 Small Quakes Rattle Yellowstone
 GOP Leaders Oppose Haste On Stimulus

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GOP Leaders Oppose Haste On Stimulus
Washington Post: Congressional Republicans Seek Extensive Vetting of Proposal, Which Could Push Its Passage Back To February

 Obama's Health Care Team Pumps Message
 Bush Never Recovered From Katrina
 Riding The Obama Wave In Hawaii

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"Terminator" Is Back, For Keeps
"Deliverance," "In Cold Blood" Among Classic Movies To Be Preserved By Library Of Congress

 Studios Slug It Out Over Super Hero Flick
 Jazz Man Freddie Hubbard Dead At 70
 Jen Tops Brad At Weekend Box Office

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Apparent Suicide At Sea (4:40)

In Gaza, No End In Sight (5:12)

Grandma Sarah Palin (1:30)

The Dangers Of Winter (3:01)

Palestinian Reaction to Gaza (4:21)

A Sophisticated New Year's Eve (4:16)
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Photos Of The Day

Israel Targets Hamas

Celebrity Circuit


Week in Sports: Dec. 26-Jan. 1

Gaza Air Assault
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Minnesota Senate Recount: "Stay Civil"
The Battle Between Norm Coleman And Al Franken Keeps Going, And So Does The Bickering Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: Road Salt
There Is A Shortage Of Road Salt This Winter Due To Nasty Weather Depleting Supplies And Delaying Deliveries  Read More
Arab States Work With U.N. On Gaza Ceasefire
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Condemns Israel For Excessive Force Read More
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1. Defiant Hamas Hits Israel With Rockets
2. Touching Holocaust Story A Hoax
3. Condoleezza Rice: "I'm Not A Type A"
4. Obama Bristles As Bubble Closes In On Him
5. America's Oldest Man Dies At 112
1. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
2. 60 Minutes, 12.28.08 (43:16)
3. The Mortgage Meltdown (12:29)
4. Israel Expands Hamas Attack (6:33)
5. Evening News Online, 12.29.08 (21:09)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. 2008 In Photos: Celebrity
3. Israel Strikes Gaza
4. Gaza Air Assault
5. Photos Of The Day

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