Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Year's Toast Helper, Plus Two Ways to Go Green in 2009

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December 30, 2008 - Newsletter

  A New Year's Toast Helper, Plus Two Ways to Go Green in 2009

With everything you have to do, it's hard to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest must-have gear. From functional to fabulous, our picks will keep you in the know. Check out the Stuff We Love this week:

Resolve to Go Organic

Make good on your upcoming resolution to eat more eco-consciously with Jesse Ziff Cool's Simply Organic, a guide to going green that details how to shop for ingredients and decipher food labels. It also offers more than 100 recipes organized by season, so you'll always cook with what's freshest and readily available.

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Cheers to That

If you're hosting New Year's Eve this year, do yourself a favor and pass out these drink identifiers with the flutes of bubbly. When guests keep track of their drinks, you spend less time washing glasses.

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More Home & Garden Stuff We Love

Throw the Earth a Bone
Your pooch is used to getting scraps, but they've never been this eco-friendly. The RecycleBONE, made of rubbery leftovers from other manufacturers' chew toys, will be your pup's new favorite toy to gnaw.

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More Eco Stuff We Love

 NeverSayDiet Community Challenge
Sign up for the six-week Community Challenge and get daily exercise and nutrition assignments from a personal trainer and a nutritionist so you can make your New Year's resolution a reality this year.

 The Big Dipper Recipe Contest
Enter your delicious dip recipe for a chance to win dinner and the Sunday Night Football Cookbook! Contest ends: 1/7/2009, enter now!


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