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New Articles on The Daily Dust today

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

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Jamie Oliver to Stop Swearing on TV

Posted: 15 Dec 2008 09:07 AM CST

Jamie Oliver’s “new look” which basically involves swearing non-stop is to be cut from his TV shows in future.

The celebrity chef’s company are going to be responding to all public concerns after he was criticised for excessive use of the f-word.  In one episode in October, Oliver used the word ‘f***ing' six times in five minutes.

Zoe Collins, head of Jamie’s Fresh One Productions told: “I am concerned if the swearing in the programmes we are making is affecting people’s enjoyment of them.

“Going forward we will be much more mindful of that. I know that Jamie does not use that language to shock and get more viewers.

“The reality is that he does use fruity language to express strong emotions.”

One recent episode, which was broadcast at 9pm, sparked outrage after featuring the f-word 23 times

“It is sad that the message that came out of Jamie’s Ministry of Food was about all the swearing, but it would be silly to fly in the face of people’s feelings, and we need to think about questions of taste and look at what is acceptable and what isn’t, and make sensible decisions on that basis.”

As Jamie would say “f***ing hell mate”..

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Scotland Win Gold in Extra Time

Posted: 15 Dec 2008 03:41 AM CST

European Champions retain Curling Title.

Although pulling out a 3-0 lead early on in the game, Norway failed to capture the European Curling Championship from Scotland, with the final result going to David Murdoch’s team 7-6.

Going into the curling equivalent of extra time (an extra end) Scotland managed to knock two stones out the scoring area, but the final stone, from Norway, went just a few inches wide. Of such measurements and distances are top flight trophies won and lost.

Norwegian Captain Thomas Ulrud was philosophical in defeat. “I’m not going to get any closer than that to winning a Europeans without actually winning it, that’s for sure.”

Bookies are now considering what odds to offer the Scottish team on winning next year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year, assuming nobody else from the UK wins something in 2009.

(Hat tip to BBC News and Brian McGhee)

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Leona’s Not on the Run from Number One

Posted: 15 Dec 2008 03:01 AM CST

Second week at number one for Digital Diva.

Still available only as a download, Leona Lewis and her cover of Snow Patrol’s ‘Run’ (as used on countless YouTube fan-videos of Doctor Who and Rose falling in love) has remained as the UK’s top selling single, beating off a concerted effort by Kings of Leon.

It’s unlikely to make it a third week and the 2008 Christmas Number One, but it continues to sell well.

Surprisingly, the TOG’s have done better than Britney Spears, as Sir Terry Wogan outsold the pop starlet with his… memorable singing of Little Drummer Boy alongside Aled Jones. this marks a return to the charts after some 30 years for Wogan, and improves significantly on his number 21 peak fo the seventies.

Take That’s slice of pop-tastic fun continues to rule the album charts, while Lewis sneaks up one place from #3 to #3, and the Christmas gift buying troopps looking for presents for Grans and Mums must surely be behind the jump from 13 into the top five for Il Divo’s The Promise.

UK Singles Chart for Sunday 14th December

Run - Leona Lewis.
Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
Bandaged - Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth
Womanizer - Britney Spears
Greatest Day - Take That

UK Albums Chart for Sunday 14th December

The Circus - Take That
Spirit - Leona Lewis
Day And Age - The Killers
Only By The Night - Kings of Leon
The Promise - Il Divo

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John Sergeant to return to Strictly Come Dancing

Posted: 15 Dec 2008 01:00 AM CST

The popular John Sergeant will return to Strictly Come Dancing for one last dance. The former politician will perform the paso doble in the final episode of the series.

Sergeant’s dance partner, Kristina Rihanoff said: “John will dance again and is going to perform in the final medley with the other contestants.

“He wants to do the paso doble - John is my friend and I speak to him on the phone.”

When explaining why he left Strictly, John Sergeant said: “When do you leave a party? You leave before the fighting starts.

“We had fun dancing but if the joke wears thin and if people are getting so wound up that it is very difficult to carry on the joke, then it is time to go.”

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