Friday, December 19, 2008

CBS News Sunday Morning: Someone To Watch Over Me


Friday, Dec. 19, 2008

All of us at Sunday Morning wish you the very best of holidays. Here is a look at what’s coming up on this Sunday’s broadcast:


Is there someone watching over us? It may surprise you to know that a recent survey found that 68 percent of Americans believe in angels.  As correspondent Tracy Smith finds in our Sunday Morning cover story, the belief in angels can take many forms in the lives of people, particularly when it comes to the “guardian” variety.


In keeping with the spirit of the season, actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth has some holiday songs to sing. Correspondent Byron Pitts talks with Chenoweth about reconciling her devout Christian beliefs with her career on screen and stage.


Contributor Bill Flanagan will be dropping in with a bag full of musical goodies to tell us about. This time, he’ll review some of the best, but overlooked music of the year. His selections are sure to soothe the soul, with the help of a little eggnog.


Speaking of eggnog, Chef Bobby Flay is back in the kitchen to share his favorite recipe for what’s become a holiday standard.


Correspondent John Blackstone has a little something in his gift bag as well, an interview with actor Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman, who is starring in a new film, has been a household name to moviegoers for more than 40 years. He shares some of his memories from both on and off the screen.


Bill Geist will also be checking in from on high this Sunday. He reports from Coconut Creek, Fla., where he scales the culinary heights to eat with a group of daredevil diners.


Those stories and more this Sunday Morning.


Listen for the trumpet.


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