Friday, December 19, 2008

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At the top of our broadcast, you’ll find a man whose name once topped the movie marquees and whose role now as governor of California may be the toughest he’s ever played. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying making his state more environmentally responsible while still dealing with a crippling $40 billion budget deficit. Correspondent Scott Pelley follows him on his rounds and even gets a ride in his famous Humvee (that now runs on cooking oil). But despite the Herculean hurdles, this former action hero knows how to act in a crisis. "The more difficult it gets, the more joy I find in it," Schwarzenegger tells Pelley. "Because it’s just great to figure out all of the ways of bringing people together and shaping policy. But to get it done, to get there, is always a long process. But when you get it done, it’s very satisfying." Cut! That’s a wrap…


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Then, correspondent Lesley Stahl goes to the last place you want to be for the holidays if you can help it: airports and their increasingly tight – and often irritating – security measures. Are they worth all the hassle? One security expert, Bruce Schneier – who has consulted for the Transportation Security Administration, the entity responsible for it – thinks airport screening is just a show. He calls it “security theater.” The terrorists will always be a step ahead, he argues, so using intelligence and investigation to arrest them before they get to the airport is the real solution. That assessment angers Kip Hawley, the outgoing head of the TSA. "This isn’t theater. This is war," he snarls.


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In our third story, correspondent Bob Simon returns to the elephant orphanage in Kenya to report that there are still, unfortunately, no shortage of orphaned elephants. That’s because ivory tusks are now going for almost $1,000 each and more adult elephants are being slaughtered for them. Dame Daphne Sheldrick and her helpers are doing everything they can to protect the baby elephants as well as prepare them for being sent back to the bush.


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These stories, and the toughest guy on the planet to buy for, on this Sunday’s 60 Minutes, Dec. 21, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.




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