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Dirty Diamonds - Angola

  • Length: 6:14
  • Rating Average: 4.85 from 33 people
  • View Count: 34555
  • Author: journeymanpictures

Tags: Africa  Angola  business  crime  diamond  exploitation  illegal  Journeyman  mines  Pictures  poverty  slavery  west 

Nov 1996 Angola boasts the most dangerous and illegal diamond mines in the world. From an aerial view, hundreds of men work like black ants on the crater ridden landscape. In small groups, bare chested, knee deep in murky water they seive gravel for hours until they spot the glitter of one tiny...

America's New Frontier - Angola

  • Length: 23:44
  • Rating Average: 4.75 from 88 people
  • View Count: 47121
  • Author: journeymanpictures

Tags: america's  angola  corruption  country  development  frontier  government  journeyman  new  oil  pictures  reserves  separist 

January 2005 Revenue from Angola's oil reserves should be aiding the country's development. But instead, it's being used as a slush fund for government corruption. Deep in Luanda's sewers, a group of boys show us around their home. "I'm desperate for help," begs one. "I'm eating rubbish,...

Angola Luanda

  • Length: 5:2
  • Rating Average: 4.79 from 29 people
  • View Count: 30206
  • Author: kutangar

Tags: aventura  Bengo  Benguela  Bié  Cabinda  cidade  cruzeiro  Cuando-Cubango  cultura  Cunene  da  de  destino  eventos  Huambo  Huila  Kwanza-Norte  Kwanza-Sul  log  Luanda  Lunda-Norte  Moxico  museu  natureza  ponto  Sul  turístico  viagens  vista 

Luanda Capital e maior cidade do país, com cerca de quatro milhões de habitantes, seu clima é tropical com temperatura média de 24 °C e duas estações: a das chuvas, de setembro a maio, e a seca, de junho a agosto.Dois grandes rios, o Bengo e o Kuanza _ do qual deriva o nome da moeda...

Cesaria Evora - Angola

  • Length: 5:55
  • Rating Average: 4.91 from 144 people
  • View Count: 102092
  • Author: alcom34

Tags: bataclan  cabo  cape  cesaria  evora  morna  verde 

Performed at Le Bataclan in Paris 1995

South Africa vs. Angola ACN 2008

  • Length: 1:58
  • Rating Average: 4.71 from 48 people
  • View Count: 63552
  • Author: ghana2008tv

Tags: acn  africa  angola  can  cup  fans  football  ghana  goal  soccer  south Highlights of the ACN 2008 match South Africa - Angola played on the 23 January 2008. Whatch all the action of Africa cup of Nations 2008 LIVE on

Egypt vs. Angola ACN 2008 Quarter Final

  • Length: 1:59
  • Rating Average: 4.69 from 97 people
  • View Count: 113963
  • Author: ghana2008tv

Tags: 2008  acn  africa  african  angola  can  cup  egypt  fans  football  ghana  goal  soccer Highlights of the ACN 2008 match Egypt - Angola played on the 4th February 2008. Whatch all the action of Africa cup of Nations 2008 LIVE on

Angola um novo sonho - Reportagem TVI - parte 1/3

  • Length: 9:53
  • Rating Average: 4.31 from 39 people
  • View Count: 70791
  • Author: boda2007

Tags: Angola  Luanda  TVI 

Primeira parte de uma reportagem da TVI emitida em Maio de 2007 sobre a vida de portugueses em Luanda.

Senegal vs. Angola ACN 2008

  • Length: 2:15
  • Rating Average: 4.89 from 61 people
  • View Count: 74627
  • Author: ghana2008tv

Tags: 2008  acn  africa  african  angola  can  cup  fans  football  ghana  goal  senegal  soccer Highlights of the ACN 2008 match Senegal - Angola played on the 27 January 2008. Whatch all the action of Africa cup of Nations 2008 LIVE on

Angola 3

  • Length: 5:13
  • Rating Average: 4.67 from 111 people
  • View Count: 81526
  • Author: irnglxy

Tags: Angola  angola3  black  Dave  Louisiana  music  Nadirah  panther  party  prison  Saul  Stewart  wallace  Williams  woodfox 

A song produced by Dave Stewart in protest of the incarceration of the Angola 3 featuring Saul Williams, Nadirah X, Asdru Sierra, Dana Glover, Tina Schlieske, Derrick Ashong and Dave Stewart. Visit and for more info.

Marburg Virus - Angola

  • Length: 18:23
  • Rating Average: 4.52 from 23 people
  • View Count: 8258
  • Author: journeymanpictures

Tags: angola  contagious  disease  eating  flesh  highly  Journeyman  marburg  pictures  virus 

May 2005 The flesh-eating Marburg virus in Angola is one of the most dangerous and contagious there is. We exclusively follow the doctors in the wards battling the epidemic. The isolation ward in Uige, Angola, is strictly off limits but our cameras gained exclusive access. It's here that...


  • Length: 4:54
  • Rating Average: 5.00 from 9 people
  • View Count: 4625
  • Author: amotetodangola

Tags: Angola  calandula  cunene  huambo  Intiwanti  kalandula  kisama  kissama  kunene  kwanza  luanda  malanje  planalto  turismo  Ангола 

Pequeño tour por lugares de Angola en distintos viajes por el interior del pais. Angola es, tristemente, una gran desconocida, con un potencial increible que está absolutamente inexplorado. Me sumo a lo que dijo João una noche lluviosa por las calles de Luanda; "Angola, amote toda!" Malanje,...

Some images of Angola. (Part I)

  • Length: 6:37
  • Rating Average: 4.38 from 58 people
  • View Count: 64719
  • Author: GERSON25

Tags: Angola  Dance  gerson  huila  imagens  Kizomba  Loango  luanda  lubango  Maiuca  Malanje  mingas  Mufete  namibe  paisagens  turistic 

This are some images of Angola. Angola it´s in Peace now , and it´s time for us to show the world that Angola it´s not only about misery , Oil and Diamonds. Angola has a rich Culture, beautiful turistic places with gorgeous land sights, and most of all , an extremely friendly people (like most...

Dança Angola kuduro de qualidade

  • Length: 4:30
  • Rating Average: 4.63 from 247 people
  • View Count: 302573
  • Author: vangakelly

Tags: Angola  Dança 

Video de kuduro made in angola a raiz do kuduro,Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua, Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil,...

Portugal vs. Angola

  • Length: 2:27
  • Rating Average: 4.80 from 44 people
  • View Count: 45851
  • Author: benman82

Tags: 2006  Angola  Cup  Fifa  Figo  germany  highlight  Pauleta  Portugal  soccer  World 

Highlights of Portugal's 1-0 defeat of Angola in Group D of the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Chico Buarque - Morena de Angola - Carioca

  • Length: 2:36
  • Rating Average: 4.88 from 81 people
  • View Count: 40138
  • Author: gpoleto

Tags: 2006  Angola  Brasil  Buarque  Carioca  Chico  ChicoBuarque  de  Morena  MPB 

Chico Buarque canta "Morena de Angola", em sua última turnê, "Carioca". 30 de abril de 2006, no Tom Brasil.

arca de noé 2 - galinha d'angola [ney matogrosso]

  • Length: 2:44
  • Rating Average: 5.00 from 19 people
  • View Count: 20911
  • Author: punkg0

Tags: 80's  angola  arca  dangola  galinha  grosso  mato  matogroso  matogrosso  moraes  morais  mpb  nei  ney  noe  noé  vinicius  vinícius 

retirado do musical "a arca de noé 2" exibido pela rede globo em outubro de 1981. canções de vinícius de moraes. participação especial da menina aretha, filha da cantora vanusa.

Angola um novo sonho - Reportagem TVI - parte 2/3

  • Length: 9:1
  • Rating Average: 4.36 from 22 people
  • View Count: 37893
  • Author: boda2007

Tags: Angola  Luanda  TVI 

Segunda parte de uma reportagem da TVI emitida em Maio de 2007 sobre a vida de portugueses em Luanda.

Lobito, Angola

  • Length: 4:1
  • Rating Average: 5.00 from 17 people
  • View Count: 32445
  • Author: DuLobito

Tags: Angola  Lobitanga  Lobito  Semba 

Cidade do Lobito em Angola. Lobito city in Angola, Africa. Old and actual pictures of the city of Lobito, Angola. Angolan music: "Semba Milongo" by Yeye & Bonga.

Peace in Our Time - Angola

  • Length: 18:9
  • Rating Average: 4.94 from 17 people
  • View Count: 15905
  • Author: journeymanpictures

Tags: Angola  Army  Kuito  MPLA  Soldiers  UNITA  War 

March 1996 A convoy carrying food supplies crawls slowly across Angola's border. Peace in this country progresses at much the same pace. Every week a Joint Commission of UNITA and MPLA leaders meet in the capital, Luanda, to wrangle the peace accord forward. The main item on the agenda is UNITA's...

Fidel Castro in Angola and Africa

  • Length: 4:19
  • Rating Average: 4.72 from 277 people
  • View Count: 108628
  • Author: wagnerian1979

Tags: Africa  Angola  Castro  Che  Civil  Communism  Cuba  Fidel  Guevara  Internationalism  Marxism  Neto  Politics  Revolutionaries  War 

During the 1975 independence struggle, Fidel Castro sent Cuban troops to assist the Angolan MPLA in it's revolutionary mission after repeated requests to the USSR were ignored. The MPLA was successful with Cuba's military and technical assistance, and the People's Republic of Angola was...

Morena de Angola

  • Length: 3:9
  • Rating Average: 4.91 from 180 people
  • View Count: 131015
  • Author: negraninasilva

Tags: angola  brasil  clara  de  morena  mpb  nunes  samba 

Clipe da Diva Clara Nunes cantando Morena de Angola. compositor: Chico Buarque, grande mestre!

Capoeira Angola

  • Length: 7:0
  • Rating Average: 4.61 from 72 people
  • View Count: 65975
  • Author: Zafrolanz

Tags: Angola  Bigo  Capoeira  de  Dentro  Jogo  Mestre  Pastinha 

Vadiação de Fábio(Formigão)e Danny, discípulos do Mestre Jogo de Dentro, e integrantes do Grupo Semente do Jogo de Angola. No Canto corrido, Mestre Bigo(Francisco 45), discípulo de Mestre Pastinha.


  • Length: 6:19
  • Rating Average: 4.81 from 16 people
  • View Count: 19362
  • Author: luisakalunga



The Land of no Hope - Angola

  • Length: 21:52
  • Rating Average: 5.00 from 10 people
  • View Count: 5840
  • Author: journeymanpictures

Tags: Africa  Angola  Civil  Journeyman  Military  pictures  war 

1 August 1999 A feature on the Angolan civil war.

Frutas de Angola

  • Length: 6:53
  • Rating Average: 5.00 from 9 people
  • View Count: 5976
  • Author: kutangar

Tags: aventura  Benguela  Bié  Cabinda  cidade  cultura  Cunene  da  de  destino  eventos  Huambo  Huila  Kuito  Kwanza-Sul  Lobito  log  Luanda  Luena  Malange  Moxico  museu  Namibe  natureza  ponto  turístico  Uige  viagens  vista  Zaire 

Quando se fala em frutas de Angola, associa-se o clima. Frutas de Angola e o Clima: Apesar de se localizar numa zona sub-tropical tem um clima que não reflecte esta condição, devido à confluência de três factores: a corrente fria de Benguela, o relevo do interior e a influência do deserto...

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