Thursday, December 18, 2008

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We'll begin tonight with important new rules that could really help out anyone who has a credit card. Federal regulators today announced changes that will protect many consumers from interest rate hikes on existing balances.  The new rules, which take effect in 2010, may also lead to lower finance charges for many credit card users. Randall Pinkston reports.


Next, Sharyl Attkisson examines the donor list from Bill Clinton’s charity foundation. The former president disclosed the full list today as part of the confirmation process for his wife, Hillary, who’s nominated for secretary of state. Sharyl reports the Clinton foundation received millions from Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments. Where else did some of the charity money come from? We'll show you the exclusive report tonight.


There’s a new rating system for nursing homes in America. It’s similar to restaurant or car rating systems – and it even has five stars. But why are some experts and elder-care facilities worried about whether the system is really fair? Wyatt Andrews has the story.


As national jobless numbers rise, many states are increasingly ill-equipped to pay the rising numbers of unemployment checks. Kelly Wallace reports on how some states are bridging the gap – sometimes, at their own expense.


Remember those little tips your mom used to give to help you stay healthy? Like always wearing a hat when you go out in the cold … or that too much sugar makes kids hyperactive. Well, Richard Schlesinger takes a look at a study that debunks a lot of Mom’s rules – and says they're nothing more than medical myths.


Finally tonight, I first met Pearce Quesenberry in August, when I was preparing to co-host “Stand Up To Cancer.”  At the time, this brave 11-year-old was fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer with a 50 percent mortality rate.


Tonight, I’ll revisit Perce and her family. I don’t want to spoil it, but let’s just say you won’t want to miss this very happy update.


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