Friday, December 19, 2008

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Friday, December 19, 2008
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*BLAGO TO SPEAK!$$zuyzVKq/time23-22

The Illinois Governor will make his first extensive public comments on his arrest earlier this month at 3 pm ET.
He'll make a statement from the James R. Thompson Center in downtown Chicago.
Comes after he told reporters earlier this week that he can't wait to tell his side of the story.

*Automakers to Get $17.4 Billion in Loans$$zuyzVKq/time24-22

The president announces the White House's plan for the struggling industry in a statement from the Roosevelt Room Friday.
The auto firms must use these funds to become financially viable by the end of March, or lose the taxpayer money.
"Allowing the auto companies to collapse is not a responsible course of action." Says bankruptcy was unlikely [...]


The President-elect will hold his fifth press availability this week at 2:15 pm ET Friday to announce more administration picks.
He's expected to name Rep. LaHood as transportation secretary, Rep. Solis as labor secretary, former Dallas mayor Kirk as U.S. trade representative.
WSJ looks at why these picks show a split on trade.
Chicago Tribune on how Obama [...]

*NY Post: Caroline Kennedy's Voting History "Spotty"$$zuyzVKq/time26-22

The paper reports the potential New York Senate appointee didn't cast a ballot in the 2005 mayoral primary or the 2002 general election.
Did someone slip oppo research on Kennedy to the tab?
If so, whodunnit????

*Paulson: Second $350 Billion Is Needed$$zuyzVKq/time27-22

The treasury secretary says in a statement that the first half of $700 billion rescue fund is allocated, asks Congress to authorize the release of the rest.
Adds that Treasury, Fed and FDIC have resources to deal with an emergency should one happen before Congress gets to vote.
Read statement here.

*Underplayed Story of the Day$$zuyzVKq/time29-22

A brief article on Page 3 of the Washington Post tells us that the Pentagon is working on how to shut down Guantanamo. And that's not all:
Any plan will probably address whether to also abolish the military commission system and, if so, what kind of legal framework can be substituted to put detainees on [...]
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$$zuyzVKq/time30-22

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2.Texas Braces for an Oil Bust$$zuyzVKq/time32-22

3.Blagojevich's Lawyer: Taking the 'Unwinnable' Cases$$zuyzVKq/time33-22


Prostitution should be legal.$$zuyzVKq/time35-22

Candidate and Issue Guide$$zuyzVKq/time36-22


U.S. Economy$$zuyzVKq/time38-22


Wall Street$$zuyzVKq/time40-22

In This Week's Issue$$zuyzVKq/time41-22

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*The Interview$$zuyzVKq/time46-22

*The Long-Lost Negatives$$zuyzVKq/time47-22

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