Friday, December 19, 2008

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  from Jen Hubley
The last time the economy did a whoopsie, I got laid off right before the holidays. This was awesome in a number of ways, obviously. In addition to the usual worries about my future and what to do next, I got to look forward to explaining to my relatives - in a festive holiday setting! - that I was not, in fact, employed.

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How to Look for a Job During the Holidays
Fortunately, it never came to that. By the time I was hoisting egg nog with my aunties, I had a new job.

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Network Your Way to a New Job
Just about every job I've ever gotten has been at least in part because of networking. After all, we're social animals, even when sitting in cubes. It makes sense, then, that the holiday season, with its glut of parties and social events, would be a good time to look for work.

Write a Resume That Works
Every time I see someone else's resume, I want to change mine. (Has anyone done any studies on the contagiousness of fonts?) Whether you're looking for work right now or not, these sample resumes are worth a gander.

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Best Moves in a Bad Economy
Save & Invest the Right Way
Find out how to beat a bear market, make smart choices, and keep your cool even when the economy is unpredictable.

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