Friday, December 19, 2008

Hack WordPress

Hack WordPress

The Importance of Building a Strong Brand

Posted: 18 Dec 2008 12:00 AM PST

About a year ago when I restructured my online interests into a business (Apricot Media), one of the first things I set out to do was to take my existing websites/blogs and attempt to build them into mini networks or clusters of websites that could refer relevant traffic internally and then develop a brand between them.

Although WordPress Hacks is not my primary website, I have built a mini-network of websites within the WordPress niche and used branding to create user recognition.   If you look here at WP Hacks, WordPress eBook, WordPress Forums, and our WordPress Directory, you’ll see they all use blue and all use a very similar logo.   Over time people will associate a logo with your websites and eventually with you individually, which is the ultimate goal.  This will also drastically lower costs if you hire a designer, or save you time if you design things yourself.

If you’d like to see some very strong examples of internet blog brands built, check out this post over at Got Chance.   You’ll see Apricot Media featured there among some pretty elite company!


So, how does this all tie to WordPress?  I believe most, if not all of the sites mentioned, are built using WordPress.  Once you’ve built a completely custom theme you are happy with, you can easily install that theme on any number of other WordPress blogs and make the proper customizations (change the colors, adjust the logos, etc.) to grow and expand your brand.

When you build websites, how much time do you spend focusing on branding?

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