Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About Today: How to Shed Your Holiday Debt Sooner

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  from Jen Hubley
So, the plan was to get through this entire holiday season without putting anything on my credit card. I made it until about December 15. In retrospect, the thing to do is obviously to freeze my card in a large block of ice from Thanksgiving until New Year's.

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How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt
It's not my fault: I was meant to be a rich person. When I was a kid, I'd hear stories about Elvis giving away Cadillacs to, say, the guy who came to steam-clean the rug and I'd think, "That's what I want to do!"

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How to Shed Your Holiday Debt Sooner
However, turns out, I have a bit less money than Elvis (not that being low on funds ever slowed him down). So the goal is to a) put as little as possible on my cards and then b) pay that off as quickly as possible.

New Year's Resolutions: Financial Goals
A New Year's resolution: Less of this debt business altogether in '09. It's nervous-making and not as much fun as advertised.

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