Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Steamy Soups, Oil Absorbers and Underwear

Stuff We Love
January 06, 2009 - Newsletter

  Steamy Soups, Oil Absorbers and Underwear

With everything you have to do, it's hard to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest must-have gear. From functional to fabulous, our picks will keep you in the know. Check out the Stuff We Love this week.

Steaming Soup Surprise

You send the little one off to school with soup sometimes, and are hopeful the meal stays warm. Who wants to eat cold soup for lunch? And since it's winter time, that soup can use some help. Enter, the Foogo Food Jar from Thermos. Not only is its wide mouth easy for the kids to eat from, it also promises to keep food hot for five hours. Just pop it in the dishwasher after use.

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Oil-Absorbing Wonder

When CVS and various cosmetics companies introduced us to oil-absorbing sheets, we were skeptical at first. Why not just use a tissue to wipe off unwanted facial oil? Well, we soon found out: because your makeup will smudge. This beauty secret removes excess oil from your face without also removing flattering shine, all the while keeping your makeup intact.

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Under There?*

Want to mark your territory (and we mean that in a cute way, not a crazy way)? Get on his pants with these personalized white boxer shorts. You'll love them because you'll know he'll be thinking about you morning and night... and several times in between--not to mention that they're under $25. He'll love them because they're practical and endearing, but not over-the-top romantic. Maybe the way to a man's heart isn't through his stomach after all.
*We made you say underwear!

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