Monday, January 5, 2009

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January 5, 2009 | Afternoon Edition
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Israel Storms Through Gaza
Ground Forces Encircle Gaza City; Death Toll Surpasses 500 Amid Diplomatic Push For Cease-Fire

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The Cheney Exit Interview
On "Face The Nation," Vice President Talks About Iraq, Executive Powers, And Why Obama Needs To Keep Gitmo

 Richardson Pick Proves Hitch For Obama
 Sources: Tim Kaine To Become DNC Chairman
 Showdown Looms Over Blagojevich Pick

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Autopsy Results Expected For Jett Travolta
16-Year-Old Son Of John Travolta Suffered From Seizures, Was Found Dead In Family's Bahamas Home

 Mickey Rourke, The Comeback Kid
 "Marley" Is Box Office Top Dog Again
 Recording Industry Drops MP3 Spies

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Could We Have Foreseen 2008?
After A Year Of Surprises, Bob Schieffer Looks Back At What He Thought We Could Expect

 Andy's Inauguration Trivia
 Gonzo'll Never Work in This Town Again
 The Legal Year In Review

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Canadian Avalanches Bury 8 (3:55)

Mr. Obama Goes To Washington (5:51)

The Animal Odd Couple (2:44)

Civilian Deaths Pile In Gaza (2:25)

New Trends For A New Year (3:50)

Obama Girls' Elite D.C. School (2:16)
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Gaza Ground Attack

Week in Sports: Jan. 2-Jan. 8

Crystal Ball For 2009

The Life Of Jobs

Gaza Attacks, And Protests, Grow

World Welcomes 2009
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Obama Plans "Neighborhood Inaugural Ball"
Inauguration Day Will Include Ball With Interactive Web-Based Elements Read More
Resolving my Resolutions
A New Take On The New Year's Ritual Read More
Protecting Iraq's Lifeblood
Only About 2,000 Navy Personnel Charged With Protecting Vital Oil Port Of Um Qasr Read More
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2. DWI Deaths: Is It Murder?
3. Betrayal
4. The Cheney Exit Interview
5. Israeli Forces Bisect Gaza Strip
1. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
2. The Animal Odd Couple (2:44)
3. Reading Your Mind (13:17)
4. Texas Tech's Mad Genius (11:33)
5. Face The Nation, 1.4.09 (24:52)
1. Gaza Attacks, And Protests, Grow
2. Photos Of The Day
3. "Wrestler" On Two Coasts
4. Israel Strikes Gaza
5. World Welcomes 2009

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