Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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January 6, 2009 | Afternoon Edition
Top Stories
Red Cross: Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza
Aid Agency: 500,000 May Be Without Clean Water; Dozens Killed In Strike Near U.N. School In Gaza

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Is Adam Herrman Still Alive?
Nationwide Search For Kan. Youth Missing Since 1999; Parents Failed To Report Disappearance

 Citgo Halts Heating Oil Donations To Poor
 Homeless Shelter Blaze Kills 5
 Blackwater Guards To Appear In Court

World  » More World
Syria Pushed To Stop Hamas Rockets
French President Nicolas Sarkozy Beseeches Damascus To Use Its Influence To Stop Hamas Attacks On Israel

 Russia Cuts Gas Supply To Europe
 Biden To Take Stock In Terror Heartland
 In Gaza, A Race Between War And Diplomacy

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Travolta Family Returns With Son's Remains
John Travolta & Kelly Preston Receive Urn With 16-Year-Old Jett's Ashes & Headed Back To Florida

 "Dark Knight" Gets Producers Guild Nod
 Buzz Briefs: Tom Cruise, "Bachelor"
 Mickey Rourke, The Comeback Kid

Opinion  » More Opinion
Could We Have Foreseen 2008?
After A Year Of Surprises, Bob Schieffer Looks Back At What He Thought We Could Expect

 Andy's Inauguration Trivia
 Gonzo'll Never Work in This Town Again
 The Legal Year In Review

Top Videos  » More Videos

Ann Coulter's 'Guilty' (6:51)

Jett Travolta Autopsy Results (4:46)

Burris Hits Capitol Hill (3:28)

Gaza Fighting Intensifies (1:40)

The Youngest Congressman (4:00)

Checklist For Happy Children (3:30)
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News In A Snap

Celebrity Circuit

"First" Day In D.C.

Gaza Ground Attack

Week in Sports: Jan. 2-Jan. 8

Crystal Ball For 2009
Latest Blog Posts  » More Blogs
Burris Rejected By Senate
Blagojevich Appointee Turned Down In Effort To Be Sworn Into New Senate; Vows To Fight On, Says He Is Not Seeking A Confrontation Read More
Madoff Whistleblower No-Show At Hearing
Crucial Witness In Determining How Scheme Evaded Regulators Says He's Worn Down Read More
Arab Nations Set For 2nd Gaza Let-Down
Coalition's 2nd Cease Fire Offer At U.N. Will Likely Still Lack Hamas Rocket Requirement Read More
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5. Bush Remembered For Not-So-Smooth Talk
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1. Celebrity Circuit
2. The Stork Club
3. "First" Day In D.C.
4. Crystal Ball For 2009
5. Gaza Ground Attack

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