Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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January 6, 2009 | Morning Edition
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Burris Plows Ahead In Senate Bid
Exclusive: "I'm Qualified," Illinois Governor's Pick To Replace Obama Tells The Early Show

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Citgo Halts Heating Oil Donations To Poor
Program To Provide Heat To 400,000 U.S. Households Suspended By Venezuelan-Controlled Company

 Homeless Shelter Blaze Kills 5
 Man Arrested In Slay Of 4-Year-Old's Mom
 Feds Want Madoff In Jail, No Bail

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Automaker Sales Continue Dismal Slide
Chrysler Sales Drop 53% In December; Ford, Toyota, Honda Not Much Better Amid U.S. Economic Angst

 Treasury Sends Banks Another $15 Billion
 Markets Slide After Friday's Rally
 Feds Want Madoff In Jail, No Bail

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Jett Travolta Was Killed By A "Seizure"
His Body Shows No Sign Of Head Trauma & His Death Certificate Says He Was Killed By A "Seizure"

 "Dark Knight" Gets Producers Guild Nod
 Buzz Briefs: Tom Cruise, "Bachelor"
 Mickey Rourke, The Comeback Kid

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Could We Have Foreseen 2008?
After A Year Of Surprises, Bob Schieffer Looks Back At What He Thought We Could Expect

 Andy's Inauguration Trivia
 Gonzo'll Never Work in This Town Again
 The Legal Year In Review

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Ann Coulter's 'Guilty' (6:51)

Jett Travolta Autopsy Results (4:46)

Senate Seat Spectacle (1:40)

Israel Continues Gaza Assault (2:38)

Obama's Pushes Stimulus Plan (2:24)

Congress Probes Madoff Mess (2:00)
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News In A Snap

Celebrity Circuit

"First" Day In D.C.

Gaza Ground Attack

Week in Sports: Jan. 2-Jan. 8

Crystal Ball For 2009
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Panetta Leak Creates Snag For Obama Transition
Feinstein Unhappy She Wasn't Told Read More
Madoff Whistleblower No-Show At Hearing
Crucial Witness In Determining How Scheme Evaded Regulators Says He's Worn Down Read More
Arab Nations Set For 2nd Gaza Let-Down
Coalition's 2nd Cease Fire Offer At U.N. Will Likely Still Lack Hamas Rocket Requirement Read More
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4. Gaza Ground Attack
5. Celebrity Circuit

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