Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

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Is Someone Coming Or Going Tonight On Big Brother?

Posted: 06 Jan 2009 08:53 AM CST

Two shows tonight and an intriguing mention on the website..there is a twist on tonight’s live show..

Celebrity Big Brother contestant’s are in for a change or two tonight, a mention on the Big Brother website said:

As always Big Brother will have an extra twist up its sleeve, and the housemates will have to make a difficult decision…LIVE on air…

Big Brother will reveal to the rest of the house Terry's secret mission as Head of House and the three housemates he has nominated for the first Celebrity Big Brother eviction of this series.  But that is not a twist..

So what could that “extra twist” be?  Steve Strange never did arrive and a few websites are mooting at the fact that Ian Wright is coming into the house tonight based upon Lucy Pinder’s comment:

“I think Ian Wright will come in on Wednesday.”

Wrighty was also given odds as favourite to win the week prior to the show starting, this site even said Ian Wright was in Big Brother from the off..

Our sources tell us that the fans due to watch the twist from the outside of the house tonight are being told to bring people with them as they expect fewer than normal to turn out due to freezing conditions..they have been told they can’t leave until 11.30pm..

Will it be someone going in or someone coming out?  We think a new guest will arrive, with the contestants having to decide who will come in, maybe a choice of two guests..whatever it is, we’ll be covering it live tonight.

Tune in at 9pm Tuesday 6th January and join Davina for the surprise live show. The show continues at 11.05pm till 11.40pm.

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Teenage Entrepreneur Lights Up Internet

Posted: 06 Jan 2009 04:53 AM CST

13 year old Scot does it better than most, says leading tech journalist.

Scott Campbell is a smart Scotsman. He’s just launched a social network for people in or fascinated by Scotland – ScotBlog.net. He’s set about promoting it and aiming for the high value publicity sites.

And he’s only 13.

Howls of anguish were to be found in the comment decrying the start-up as nothing more than a multi user blogging website, but then couldn’t that same argument be made of Facebook?

We say that the tool is not the important part of a start-up. It’s how you use the tool, and what you do to promote your use of the tool is important. ScotBlog is the perfect example of this, and I’ll put money on it now that this young chap is going to learn more about business and marketing in the next few months than any Scotvec educational module could.

At 13 I was busy writing a computer gaming magazine, on A4 paper, and spent three whole lunch breaks at school stapling them altogether. Oh for the tools that Campbell has. I suspect he is going to go far, and I hope that more teenagers decided that a start-up is a better bet than a paper round.

(Hat tip Mike Butcher at Techcrunch UK).

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Improve Your Armour, Drill Some Holes In It

Posted: 06 Jan 2009 03:13 AM CST

British Boffins Improve Armour To Protect Our Forces

Only the British could come up with the idea that the way to improve the armour around tanks, personnel carriers and other things painted green would be to take some of it away. By perforating their new armour with holes, the Brit Boffins at the Ministry of Defence have improved the performance of the life saving sheets.

It actually makes sense if "[you don't ] think of them as holes, you should think of them as edges." Instead of having the point of a shell or bullet hit the rest of the armour, the holes spin them round (just a llittle bit) so they hit with their sides, which is a larger area, but therefore less force.

The process is paired up with a new way of treating the steel that also improves the capability of the armour. And a great by-product is that the UK can now build their own high quality armour.

Looks like a win all round. Now to get it into service as soon as possible, chaps!

(Hat tip to the BBC).

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Celebs Cost More Than Five-a-day

Posted: 06 Jan 2009 03:00 AM CST

Stars Surviving on Government’s Five-a-Day Appearance Fees

It’s important to eat five pieces of fruit and veg a day," says the government’s Department of Health. So important that we’re going to spend your money, raised by taxes, to tell you about it. It’s so important, that we’re not just going to stop at adverts everywhere, little Trivial Pursuit style logos on pieces of fruit.

No we’re going to get Z-list celebrities to tell you how important it is.

But celebs cost money. Even those who’s crowning achievement is "The Bill," so they will need to pay them. How much? Well thanks to a Freedom of Information request by The Observer that was denied, we’ll never know – but speculation is up to £10,000 a day.

Perhaps this is a good thing.

With only eleven people allowed in the Big Brother house, the opportunities in the recession to keep our celebrities in enough money so they can tell us what clothes to wear, drinks to consume, and sunglasses to choose are few and far between.

If the Labour party can bail out the banks and the money markets, then why shouldn’t they bail out Melinda Messenger?

(Hat tip to The Observer).

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Breaking: Defoe Having Medical At Spurs Today

Posted: 06 Jan 2009 02:50 AM CST

Jermaine Defoe looks set to join Spurs today as both clubs agree fee and transfer with a medical happening this morning

In one of the shock about-turns in recent football history, Jermaine Defoe will today return to Spurs.

After both clubs have finally agreed terms and conditions, Defoe today returns to White Hart Lane for a medical and could be straight back into the team for tonight’s Carling Cup Semi-final against Burnley.

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Beckham Copies “Phil The Power” Taylor’s Style

Posted: 06 Jan 2009 02:38 AM CST

David Beckham showed how to pull off “The Power’s” look in Dubai this weekend

Stepping out in Dubai this weekend, David Beckham showed how to wear a nasty shirt and *just about* pull it off..

We think he looked a little like new World Darts Champion and potential knight, Phil “The Power” Taylor, what do you think?

Hat tip to the Sun for this story

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Next Up For Eviction - The Least Talented In The House

Posted: 06 Jan 2009 02:15 AM CST

Terry Christian had to choose the least talented person in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, and put them up for eviction..

Terry Christian chose glamour model Lucy Pinder as the least talented in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, thereby secretly nominating her for eviction.

He has also put Ulrika Jonsson up for the public vote, as we covered yesterday.

She said a highlight of her career was travelling to Afghanistan as well as appearing on Bo Selecta!

In the Diary Room, Terry said of Lucy: “She’s a very bright girl, she’s a very nice girl. I have never ever heard of her.”

The talent contest kicked off with Coolio performing his song Gangsta’s Paradise to the group.

Ulrika did a weather report before explaining why she is famous.

‘Running parallel to my television presenting career has been a slightly unsuccessful personal life, doomed by much gloom,’ she told housemates.

Mutya Buena sang Hole In The Head by her former band, the Sugababes.

Ben Adams sang a song from his days in A1.

Michelle Heaton, dressed in a black PVC catsuit, sang one of Liberty X’s hits.

Scots politician Tommy Sheridan told why he is famous, explaining that he has ‘tried to speak the truth of power’.

Actors Verne Troyer and Tina Malone acted out a scene from Romeo and Juliet.  Earlier, Michelle told Tina that she looked like the Princess out of the film Shrek..

LaToya Jackson sang her cover version of her brother Michael’s hit Wanna Be Starting Something.

Tonight will see the celebrities told who is up for eviction..

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Gaunty To Return To Radio…And Sue Talksport

Posted: 06 Jan 2009 01:39 AM CST

The UK’s top “shock jock”, Jon Gaunt, is set to return to radio soon and is taking legal action over his sacking after OFCOM confirmed they received just 16 complaints

Jon Gaunt, sacked by Talksport Radio in November, said on his website:”As you know I have been forced to take legal action which is proceeding as we speak.”

“Of course if you wish to tell Mr Taunton and talkSQUAWK what you think of their decision to terminate my contract after ONLY 16 COMPLAINTS TO OFCOM please email him directly”..

Gaunty, as we covered in November, was sacked after calling Councillor Michael Stark a "Nazi" on air but apologised saying he meant "Health Nazi".

The DailyDust’s favourite DJ also pledged to return to the airwaves soon: “As for getting back on air I am now very close to being able to tell you what is happening..”

“I have to keep my big mouth shut for just a little longer, which is killing me as you can imagine.”

The sacking always seemed harsh, especially as the DJ was employed to tackle controversial subjects, commercial radio presenters should have the freedom to cover topics without fear of being sacked, after all, Jonathon Ross managed to survive the chop at the BBC after receiving over 40,000 complaints…

We will let you know more about where and when you can tune in to Gaunty just as soon as we find out more, in the meantime, welcome back Jon, the Nation has missed you.

Hat tip goes to Gaunty himself.

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