Monday, December 15, 2008

Party Perfect in 5 Days: Day Four: Top Shopping Picks for Formals
Party Perfect in 5 Days
Day Four: Top Shopping Picks for Formals
Cynthia Nellis   from Cynthia Nellis
Whether you love the convenience of shopping online or you want to see what stores are offering before heading to the mall, browse through the following top shopping picks. Remember that price isn't everything: an inexpensive dress that fits and looks great may be just what you need (and an expensive dress may not flatter you at all).
  Little Black Dresses
Unless your event specifies a ballgown or it's a daytime wedding, the little black dress is a flawless pick for special occasions.
Tips for wearing a little black dress:
  • Don't be fooled by the name: the dress doesn't have to be skimpy, just not full-length to qualify.
  • Basic black doesn't have to be accessorized with basics. Instead dress it up with fishnet hose, sparkling jewels and a great evening bag.
  • Remember that while black is slimming, it can drain some of the color from your face so compensate with deeper makeup colors.
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  Formal Dresses Under $100
If you have a tight budget, then look for a formal dress under $100.

Don't worry: there are plenty of after-five looks for cost-conscious shoppers.

More money-saving ideas: accessorize on the cheap by borrowing earrings, bags and necklaces from a friend.

Cynthia Nellis
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