Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

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Wanted: Time Lord to Steal Sach’s Answer Machine

Posted: 28 Dec 2008 12:11 AM CST

Jonathan Ross Wants A Timelord to retrospectively save his show - so do we!

“So,” the internet thinks aloud, “who should be playing the new Doctor Who, given that David Morrisey was a bit of a bluff?” Currently having fun doing nothing at home, it turns out that Jonathan Ross agrees with one of the names in our list, that of Russell Brand.

And what would his first task as a time lord be?

"He could travel back in time and steal Manuels asnsaphone."

It’s not long till Ross’ 13 week suspension is over, and quite frankly the BBC need him back as soon as possible. For all the controversy over Manuel-gate, the hasty replacement of Friday Night with Ross in the TV schedules and his Saturday morning Radio 2 show has illustrated the BBC has very few outlets for light entertainment.

Haste ye back!

(Hat tip to @wossy on Twitter).

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Scotland the Launchpad for Virgin Spaceport

Posted: 28 Dec 2008 12:01 AM CST

Lossiemouth is best placed in Europe for Space Tourism

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, the company behind the planned joyrides into space in the 21st Century have been urged by Angus Robertson of the SNP to use an RAF base in North Scotland as their European base of operations.

RAF Lossiemouth has already been earmarked by Galactic as a suitable base of operations for their ‘Space Ship 2′ craft - a small six seater spaceship launched in the air by a mothership that can climb to 68 miles (110km) and officially past the recognised boundary of space.

Mojave, in New Mexico, will be the first spaceport, but with demand for the seats high, an expansion into both the Middle East and Europe is likely in the medium term future. If it does come to the UK, Lossiemouth will likely be up against St Mawgan in Cornwall as the first gateway to space in the country.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that RAF Lossiemouth, and the jobs created by Branson’s operation, would be in the constituency of a certain Angus Robertson.

(Hat tip to BBC News).

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British Parents accused of “Killing their children with kindness”

Posted: 27 Dec 2008 11:50 PM CST

Parents in Britain have been accused of not accepting responsiblity for childhood obesity.

A new campaign by the Department of Health will graphically reveal examples of children dying early from obesity related diseases.

In a section entitled “Killing with kindness”, it says: “It’s hard to say no to your kids, but if you give in every time you’re not being kind, you’re killing with kindness. Kids who eat the wrong sorts of food and sit around all day are more likely to get heart disease, cancer, diabetes and to die young. Some will die younger than their parents.”

It adds next to photographs of three young children: “One of us will die of heart disease or diabetes when we’re older because of the foods our parents let us eat now.”

The report by the DoH classes 1.6 million families with children aged between two and 11 as “high risk”. It states: “Food has become an expression of love in ‘at risk’ families. Parents are prioritising filling up their kids over feeding them the right foods. Snacking has become a way of life.”

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