Sunday, December 28, 2008

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Sunday, December 28, 2008
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*ON THE SUNDAY SHOWS$$zuyzV1W/time23-22

This Week: Robert Gibbs, Sens. Corker and Brown. Roundtable with Kurt Anderson, John Dickerson, Alison Stewart, David Brody
Meet the Press: David Axelrod
Fox News Sunday: Laura Bush
Face the Nation: David Axelrod, Illinois Lt. Gov Quinn, Paul Krugman
Late Edition: Hosts "Best of 2008" special examining the year in news and what's ahead for 2009. [...]

*Isn't It Rich$$zuyzV1W/time24-22

NY Times' columnist slams 44 for picking Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the inauguration.
"Bestowing this honor on Warren was a conscious - and glib - decision by Obama to spend political capital. It was made with the certitude that a leader with a mandate can do no wrong."

*Airstrikes Continue As Israeli Troops Near Gaza$$zuyzV1W/time25-22

Israeli warplanes dropped bombs, missiles on a top Palestinian security installation and dozens of other targets across Hamas-ruled Gaza Sunday.
Plus: The U.S. blames Hamas for starting the mess, saying they broke the cease-fire first and attacked Israel.

*Kennedy: I "Wouldn't Be Beholden To Anybody"$$zuyzV1W/time26-22

The potential New York Senate candidate tells the New York Daily News shoots down rumors that she'd ally with Mayor Bloomberg if picked.
"I know how important it is to, you know, to be my own person. And, you know, and that would be obviously true with my relationship with the mayor." [...]

*Emanuel, Jarrett Avoid Blago Subpoenas$$zuyzV1W/time27-22

Chicago Trib: The Illinois House panel declines Blagojevich's lawyer's request to call the Obama aides to testify at impeachment hearings.
Comes after U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald tells the panel that subpoenaing them would "significantly compromise" his ongoing criminal investigation of the governor.

*Obama's First Test$$zuyzV1W/time29-22

The world has intruded on what was supposed to be Obama's final Hawaiian idyll before taking the oath of office. As Mike Allen notes, the international community is watching how the President-elect and his incoming Secretary of State will react to the Israeli attack on Gaza that killed more than 225 people, with the London [...]
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$$zuyzV1W/time30-22

1.A Year After Bhutto: Tears and Troop Movements$$zuyzV1W/time31-22

2.The Gaza Air Strikes: Why Israel Attacked$$zuyzV1W/time32-22

3.Busted! Taking Down Miss Hispanic America$$zuyzV1W/time33-22


Prostitution should be legal.$$zuyzV1W/time35-22

Candidate and Issue Guide$$zuyzV1W/time36-22


U.S. Economy$$zuyzV1W/time38-22


Wall Street$$zuyzV1W/time40-22

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*Why History Can't Wait$$zuyzV1W/time42-22

*People Who Mattered 2008$$zuyzV1W/time43-22

*The Year of Living Stupidly$$zuyzV1W/time44-22

*Fond Farewells$$zuyzV1W/time45-22

*The Interview$$zuyzV1W/time46-22

*The Long-Lost Negatives$$zuyzV1W/time47-22

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