Saturday, November 1, 2008

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November 1, 2008 | Afternoon Edition
Top Stories
Obama, McCain Begin Final Sprint
Republican Rallies Virginia Supporters To Keep State In GOP Column; Democrat Eyes The West

CBS News Programs
Chef On A Shoestring
Red/Blue State Party Dishes, On A Budget
Having An Election Night Bash? "Chef On A Shoestring" Gail Simmons, Of Food & Wine Magazine, Shares Recipes

 Early Show: Start Saying Goodbye To Belly Fat
 Early Show: Waking Up Needn't Be Hard To Do
 Early Show: Putting Best Face Forward For The Holidays

U.S.  » More U.S.
Justice Ordered To Produce Wiretap Memos
Judge: Admin. Must Deliver White House's Legal Basis For Eavesdropping On Americans Without Warrants

 National Debt Soars $500B In Under A Month
 Pulitzer Prize-Winner Studs Terkel Dead
 Boy Shot Dead Trick-Or-Treating

World  » More World
Bolivia Suspends U.S. Anti-Drug Efforts
President Morales Ends Drug Agency's Operations In His Country, Accuses U.S. Of Spying, Backing Opponents

 U.K.: Europe Could Send Troops To Congo
 Iraq Earmarks $15B For Reconstruction
 U.S. Deaths In Iraq Plunge To Wartime Low

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Dreams From His Father's Land
National Review Online: Kenyans Are Excited And Proud Of The Prospect Of An Obama Presidency

 In The Tank For Wall Street
 Be Careful What You Wish For
 ! NRO: John McCain For President

Top Videos  » More Videos

Bush's Push For Deregulation (1:56)

Abortion Ban In South Dakota? (2:23)

Problems At The Polls? (1:27)

Gourds Gone Wild (3:08)

Obama's Final Lap (2:02)

McCain Fights For Ohio, Pa. (1:55)
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Photos Of The Day

Campaign Star Power

Celebrity Circuit

Plaza Full Of Palins

Royal Red Carpet

"Milk" Debuts In The Castro
Latest Blog Posts  » More Blogs
David Broder's Best Campaign Ever
Dean Of Washington Press Corps Declares '08 Better Than '60 Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: This Halloween
For Some Kids This Year, It's More "Trick" Than "Treat" Read More
Obama Expects More "Divide and Distract" Politics
Campaigning in Nevada Read More
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1. Poll: Obama Maintains Comfortable Lead
2. Boy Shot Dead Trick-Or-Treating
3. Obama's Aunt Allegedly In U.S. Illegally
4. Start Saying Goodbye To Belly Fat
5. Obama Continues Push Into McCain Territory
1. Evening News Online, 10.31.08 (21:19)
2. Obama's Final Lap (2:02)
3. New Mexico May Vote For Obama (2:20)
4. Bush's Push For Deregulation (1:56)
5. Problems At The Polls? (1:27)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Campaign Star Power
3. Photos Of The Day
4. Plaza Full Of Palins
5. A Family Photo Album

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