Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cast your vote to end war

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Dear Reader,

The election is only 3 days away!

Where is the national conversation about peace? With the economic crisis and the media's attention on bulls and pitbulls and pigs and lipstick, Iraq has been pushed off into the shadows. It's up to us to pull it back into the spotlight!

We saw how Congress bowed to the demands of Wall Street, turning a deaf ear to the needs of the people. And while the nation was focused on the bailout, Congress quietly passed a $615 billion defense spending bill! We can't let this happen again, not when so much is at stake. Let's use these last few days of the election cycle to bring the issues of Iraq and peace back to the forefront. Let's get out into our communities and build the people power we will need to bring the troops home and prevent future military disaster in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

Join us in pledging to be a Voter for Peace -- not just with your vote, but beyond November 4th. We've made pledging for peace easy!

Click here to make the pledge

Together, we can build the team we will need to keep the pressure on through the next administration, no matter who ends up at the helm. As we saw last week, Congress caves all too easily to the call of Wall Street and the White House, pouring money into bailouts and defense that could have been put toward education and health care and renewable energy. Let's remind them that Peace needs to be at the top of their agenda.

Thanks for all you do,

Don Hazen
Don Hazen
Executive Editor,




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