Friday, October 31, 2008

CBS News Sunday Morning: Patriotism


Friday, Oct. 31, 2008

All throughout the Presidential election, a lot has been made about the patriotism of the candidates. At one point in the campaign, the patriotism of Sen. Barack Obama was called into question because he was not wearing an American flag pin on his lapel.


Is wearing a flag on your lapel a true test of patriotism? For some folks it is, for others it is not. In this week’s Sunday Morning cover story, correspondent Martha Teichner examines the definition of patriotism from varying sides of the political spectrum.


When it comes to subjects like patriotism, politics and punditry, Bill O’Reilly takes center stage. The most popular cable TV host in the country certainly has his share of supporters and detractors. CBS Early Show anchor Harry Smith goes one on one with Bill O’Reilly.


This Halloween, if you find yourself scared out of your wits in a movie theater, you have Alfred Hitchcock to thank. Hitchcock is the father of the modern day horror film. Correspondent Seth Doane looks back at the work of a true Hollywood icon.


Rabbit Hash, Ky., probably would have been a great location for a Hitchcock film. A small isolated river town that doesn’t even have a traffic light, the kind of place something bizarre might happen. In fact, that is exactly the case this election year as Bill Geist found out traveling along the campaign trail. It turns out Rabbit Hash is holding a mayoral election that literally could go to the dogs – or a cat or even a jackass.

Geist reports on the election that has tongues and tails wagging.


Join us for those stories and more this Sunday Morning.

Listen for the trumpet.


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