Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stay Ahead Of Your Storage Growth with Adaptec High-Port RAID (Sponsored Content)

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October 30, 2008
Simple & Reliable Expansion. More Ports. More Performance
Adaptec RAID 51245

Flexible storage expansion
Savvy system builders know that the simplest and most reliable way to expand storage capacity is with direct-connect High-port RAID Controllers. Unfortunately, most High-port RAID Controllers can only accommodate SATA disk drives.

But Adaptec Series 5 Unified Serial™ High-port RAID Controllers allow system builders to utilize high-capacity SATA drives, high-performance SAS drives, or a combination of both in a single storage system.

More ports. More performance.
Ideal for large-volume storage applications such as nearline storage, databases, disk-to-disk backup, and more, Series 5 High-port RAID Controllers come in a variety of port configurations:

Plus, slash energy consumption by up to 70% with Adaptec Intelligent Power Management.

Read our High Port RAID Whitepaper Series to learn how to design and build solutions that efficiently support the diverse performance and capacity needs of your customers.

Adaptec RAID 51645 image
Adaptec RAID52445 image

Download the whitepapers below
How Many Drives whitepaper (pdf)
Which Types of Drives - SATA or SAS? (pdf)
How Do I Connect Many Drives (pdf)

 Download all the whitepapers (zip)

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