Thursday, October 30, 2008

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The campaigns are barreling toward the finish line with just five days left until Election Day. Both Barack Obama and John McCain are focusing on four battleground states, each trying to convince voters that he’s the best man to fix the ailing economy. So, whose message is more effective? Tonight, we'll reveal the results of a brand new CBS News/New York Times poll.  


Our team of correspondents is criss-crossing the country along with the candidates. Chip Reid is with the McCain campaign, while Dean Reynolds is traveling with the Obama campaign. We’ll also check in with our Chief Washington correspondent, Bob Schieffer.


If you caught Barack Obama's half-hour special last night, you heard a lot about him as a man – and quite a bit about his proposals. But do they all add up? Can America afford what he’s proposing? Wyatt Andrews has a CBS News Reality Check.


Which brings us to taxes. Which candidate’s programs would mean higher taxes for you? Nancy Cordes breaks down the savings – or additional burden – on four families in four different tax brackets.


In California, a statewide ballot initiative is garnering as much attention as the presidential election. It’s called Proposition 8, and would amend the state constitution to ban same-sex marriages. John Blackstone reports on this emotional issue.


Finally: it's an innovative way to help rehabilitate men (and women) – with a lot of help from man's best friend. Mark Strassmann goes inside some of Colorado's harshest prisons … and finds a little tenderness.


See you tonight!


Katie Couric


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