Friday, October 31, 2008

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October 31, 2008 | Afternoon Edition
Top Stories
White House Makes Final Push To Deregulate
Washington Post: Bush Administration Seeks To Weaken Government Rules Aimed At Protecting Consumers And The Environment

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Hollywood Woos Obama Volunteers
Bruce Springsteen, Edie Falco, Dave Matthews, Among Those Urging Campaign Support

 Julie Chen's Mystery Trip: Paris
 Joss Stone: Get Out And Vote
 Two Princes At 007 Premiere

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How Sarah Palin Was Unmasked
MarketWatch Columnist Jon Friedman Talks With Time Magazine's Nathan Thornburgh, Who Got The Big Story

 Read Declan McCullagh's Lips: No New Taxes
 Don't Turn Panic Into Depression
 How To Make The Bailout Work

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Candidates Make Final Push (6:48)

Calif. Gay Marriage Under Fire (2:17)

Halloween Hockey Moms (1:27)

Paris, City of Darkness (2:49)

Bartender Told To Lose Weight (3:44)

Mike Huckabee On Campaign (3:08)
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Photos Of The Day

Campaign Star Power

Celebrity Circuit

Royal Red Carpet

"Milk" Debuts In The Castro

Queen Visits Slovakia, Slovenia
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Obama To Advertise In McCain's Home State
Polls Show A Surprisingly Close Race In Arizona Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: Credit Cards
Just As We Struggle To Emerge From The Housing Crisis, Another Mess Could Be Lurking In Your Wallet Read More
Mike Ditka Stumps With Da' Palins
Campaigning in Pa. Read More
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1. Poll: Obama Maintains Comfortable Lead
2. How Sarah Palin Was Unmasked
3. Doing The Math On Candidates' Tax Plans
4. Obama Talks To Rep. About White House Post
5. Prehistoric-Aged Reptile Found Breeding
1. Evening News Online, 10.30.08 (20:25)
2. Margin Of Error (2:15)
3. Did Obama Score On Primetime? (2:51)
4. Obama Gets A Reality Check (2:18)
5. Calif. Gay Marriage Under Fire (2:17)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Royal Red Carpet
3. Photos Of The Day
4. A Family Photo Album
5. Land Of The Found

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