Friday, October 31, 2008

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October 31, 2008 | Evening Edition
Top Stories
Obama: McCain Will Close With Attacks
Democrat Says Rival Chose To Abandon High Road Of Past Campaigns; McCain Presses For Votes In Ohio

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McCain Making "SNL" Pit Stop
Stopping By For Cameo On "Saturday Night Live," Hosted By Obama Supporter Ben Affleck

 Hollywood Woos Obama Volunteers
 Celebs Serve Up Halloween Treats
 Pair Pleads Guilty In Winehouse Drug Deal

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In The Tank For Wall Street
The Nation: The Bush Administration Makes Sure The Bailout Is The Gift That Keeps Giving To Big Business

 Be Careful What You Wish For
 NRO: John McCain For President
 How Sarah Palin Was Unmasked

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Voter Intimidation Charges In S.C. (1:42)

Candidates Make Final Push (6:48)

Calif. Gay Marriage Under Fire (2:17)

Eye To Eye: The Daily Beast (6:02)

Halloween Hockey Moms (1:27)

Paris, City of Darkness (2:49)
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Photos Of The Day

Campaign Star Power

Celebrity Circuit

Plaza Full Of Palins

Royal Red Carpet

"Milk" Debuts In The Castro
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McCain Takes His "SNL" Turn
Republican Returns To Comedy Show As Election Nears Read More
A Different Sort Of "Great Pumpkin"
Finding Gourds Gone Wild This Halloween Read More
Obama Makes Up For Skipped Iowa Stop
Obama visits Iowa Read More
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1. Poll: Obama Maintains Comfortable Lead
2. How Sarah Palin Was Unmasked
3. White House Makes Final Push To Deregulate
4. Docs Detail Alleged Payment To Coleman's Wife
5. Maine Gunman Holds Fifth-Graders Hostage
1. Margin Of Error (2:15)
2. Evening News Online, 10.30.08 (20:25)
3. Did Obama Score On Primetime? (2:51)
4. Dangerous Moves (3:09)
5. Obama Gets A Reality Check (2:18)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Campaign Star Power
3. Royal Red Carpet
4. Photos Of The Day
5. Plaza Full Of Palins

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