Friday, October 31, 2008

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, speaks at a rally at the University of Missouri in Columbia, 30 Oct 2008 Obama, McCain Vie for Undecided Voters in Middle America
Democratic presidential candidate holds rally in Iowa, followed by stop in Indiana; Republican presidential candidate spends another day in Ohio

Senator John McCain in Dayton,  Ohio,  27 Oct.  2008 Economy, Job Losses Critical for Voters in Ohio  Audio Clip Available
Analysts say John McCain needs to win in Ohio to have any hope of becoming next president

Employee of confectionery Felicitas works on Christmas figures at company's plant in Hornow, eastern Germany, 30 Oct 2008 Consumer Spending Drops In US, Germany
German officials say retail sales down more than two percent in September; Japan's Nikkei index down sharp five percent at close

UN soldier patrols street in Goma, 31 Oct 2008 UN Chief Appeals for Congo Rebel Leader to Keep Cease-Fire, Begin Dialogue
Ban Ki-moon warns of 'humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportion' along Rwanda-Congo border 

U.S. General David Petraeus speaks to the media in London, 29 Sep 2008 Former US Iraq Commander Petraeus Takes on Afghanistan  Audio Clip Available
General David Petraeus says Afghanistan war a very different fight, but also says some of what he did in Iraq will apply there

Lebanon More Syrian Troops Deploy Along Lebanese Border  Audio Clip Available
Foreign Ministry spokesman denies reports move is in retaliation for weekend raid on border town, which Damascus blames on US

Former Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina, in Dhaka, 11 Jun. 2008 Bangladesh Supreme Court Denies Bail to Sheikh Hasina  Audio Clip Available
Decision effectively blocks former prime minister from taking part in general elections to be held in December

North Korea UN Envoy Says N. Korea Cracking Down on Escapees  Audio Clip Available
Tens of thousands of North Koreans have streamed over Chinese border since 1990s to escape severe deprivation and repression at home

Jumbled ice blocks litter the surface of the floating ice pack at the North Pole Scientists Confirm Global Warming at North and South Poles  Audio Clip Available
Scientists create climate model that they say proves human activity responsible for global warming not only at North Pole, but at South Pole as well

In one sense, scaring people is the idea — the fun part — behind Halloween. But many think the fright has gone too far Should We Put Halloween Back in its Crypt?  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
Some schools and parents think holiday's violent trappings have gone too far

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