Friday, October 31, 2008

Chris Wragge: Finally -- election time!


Oct. 31, 2008


Hi, everyone!


Coming up tomorrow on The Early Show Saturday Edition:


With the election now just days away, we'll stay with a political theme.


How about the youth vote? This generation of voters stands to make a huge impact on this year's results. So what are they thinking and who are they leaning toward? You may be surprised.


How about cross-party dating? That’s right: It's the “Matalin-Carville Syndrome”:  She’s a Republican, he’s a Democrat, or vice versa. So how do you make it work? Can it work? We'll have relationship experts on hand to give their takes. Red Date, Blue Date, Blind Date -- we’ve got it all!


Also on the show: the fight against belly fat!  It's something we all battle, and we'll have tips to help you eliminate the unsightly fat padding that gets in the way of your waistline.


Also, we're thrilled to have Carmindy, star of TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” She'll have great pointers on how to look your best -- for less.


Also, the Big Apple Circus is in town and tomorrow, they'll be on our plaza.


So, tune in: As the presidential election draws near, so does our own little campaignRemember to "Vote Saturday," by tuning into The Early Show Saturday Edition and by telling as many friends and relatives as possible about us.


See you in the morning!



Chris Wragge

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