Thursday, October 30, 2008

Presspass - Preview

PressPass - Preview

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The freaks come out for Halloween weekend
Sure, some people might call a 50-year-old father of three who dresses up like the Incredible Hulk and eats 40 pounds of Skittles a loser. But why be so negative? Why not designate him a "Halloweener"? (*Rimshot*) Deep down, everybody has some sort of affection for Halloween.
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Jogging your memory

A few months ago, I wrote about how I was preparing for my very first half-marathon. As you can imagine, the column prompted my fans to send in literally hundreds of e-mails asking all sorts of running-related questions. That's why, just 10 days until race day, I've decided to devote another column to those questions.
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Popular DJ comes to Charleston with high-energy show
Bassnectar creator DJ Lorin Ashton will play The Pour House tonight. Preview caught up with him for a brief interview. If you're a fan of nonstop dancing and moving your body, this show is not one to miss. Though he is a highly driven artist, he is very lighthearted. You'll notice that in the answers to these questions:
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Herzog documentary finds charm at bottom of world

No penguins, vowed Werner Herzog. No fluffy waddling munchkins. No anthropomorphizing, and no sentimental slop in his documentary, "Encounters at the End of the World." The National Science Foundation and the Discovery Channel may have paid the famously dour filmmaker to venture to McMurdo Station, a community of 1,100 somewhat eccentric scientists and researchers in Antarctica, but no one was going to tell him what to film at the bottom of the world when he got there.
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Here comes the 'Sun'
Tonight will be the opening of the exhibition "The Sun Machine is Coming Down" featuring works by painters Matt Phillips and Josef Kristofoletti.
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The Lettered Olive
The Lettered Olive, a restaurant that takes its name from the state shell of South Carolina, sports a decor mix of industrial and natural materials. The overall effect is a warm, comfortable setting and a pleasant outdoor dining area.
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