Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Increase Your Competitive Advantage w/this eKit

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Increase Your Competitive Advantage w/this eKit

Download the eKit now.

Discover how other businesses, including your competition, are
competing more effectively. Download this eKit; you can connect
employees, vendors, partners and customers to make faster
decisions for less.

Do more, travel less and save money now!

Improve your competitive advantage with the white papers in this eKit:

- Accelerate business using on-demand web meetings
IDG Research Services explores competitive market
trends with commentary from CIO Magazine subscribers.

- Understanding the Sales 2.0-enabled business
Learn how businesses embracing Sales 2.0 discover dramatic outcomes:
more closed deals, happier customers, and a new confidence.

- Measuring the business benefits of web meetings
This Frost & Sullivan paper presents a comprehensive framework to
analyze the cost savings, productivity gains and total ROI.

- Small businesses yield big results
Leverage investments to pump up smaller sales forces,
improve training, reach busy executives and become larger than life.

- Real results: Online meetings accelerate business
Discover how four businesses stretch their resources, eliminate
logistical barriers, and transform their online initiatives into
strategic lines of business.

Download your eKit here.


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