Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Walk the talk - Are you making a difference?

AlterNet: The Mix is the Message



Dear Reader,

Throughout 2008, many of us worked hard for change in our nation.  Our votes were cast and we made change happen in The White House.  Now, the election is over, but we can still influence decisions.  As a consumer with purchasing power, you can enable change-makers like CREDO Mobile to continue their advocacy for the environment, economic recovery, universal healthcare, withdrawal from Iraq - the list goes on.  That's why I'm in full support of CREDO as they continue to uphold the progressive causes that can heal our country.  Their phones really do make change - I hope you'll be a part of that change too.

Don Hazen
Don Hazen
Executive Editor,


CREDO                                 Mobile
CREDO Mobile
Retail Price: $199.99
Sale Price: FREE*

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(special offer code: 500239)

These Phones Make Change.

Dear AlterNet subscriber,

Imagine what's possible now. Universal healthcare. Alternative energy. Withdrawal from Iraq. Economic recovery and support for the middle class.

The incoming Obama administration brings amazing possibilities for progressive change. But we all know that powerful forces in our nation's capital will be fighting us every step of the way.

Your choice of mobile phone service really does make a difference. When you join CREDO Mobile, you'll not only get great mobile service-you'll also get a powerful partner with a 20-year history of achieving progressive change.

Sign up by December 31, and we'll include a free solar phone charger plus cover the cost of your former carrier's early termination fees.*

Bluetooth wireless technology
Digital zoom camera
Large color display
Voice dialing & speakerphone
Retail Price: $199.99
Sale Price: FREE

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Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
MP3 music player
1.3-megapixel camera and camcorder
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Ultrathin design
Hi-res camera with digital zoom
Bluetooth® wireless
Retail Price: $249.99
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CREDO Mobile service also includes:
    • The clarity of Sprint's nationwide all-digital network, reaching over 280 million people†
    • Plans starting at $29.99/month with unlimited night & weekend minutes, free member-to-member calling and no domestic roaming or long distance charges
    • Number portability: keep your current mobile number
    • Free calls to Congress and the White House every month under our Free Speech program
    • Automatic donations to progressive nonprofits at no cost to you
With a contract buyout from CREDO Mobile, you don't need to stick with a company like AT&T©, whose political action committee donated to the McCain campaign and gave the maximum amount to Bush/Cheney-twice. Or Verizon© Wireless, who tried to censor NARAL Pro-Choice America's text messages.
If you sign up by December 31, 2008, you also get a FREE Solio(c) solar charger. Want to give this as a gift? The free shipping deadline is 12/18 to arrive Dec. 24.
Solio Hybrid charger

Rachel A.  

"I was with another telecom and one day while traveling I dropped my phone and it broke. Their customer support was worse than useless. It felt like a slap in the face. The minute I switched to CREDO I knew I was going to be much happier. Their customer service should win an award. Everyone I've spoken to is knowledgeable, courteous and easy to understand. And I always get a person on the phone right away. That brings my stress level way down."

- Rachel A., CREDO Mobile customer


CREDO Mobile, Brought to you by Working Assets


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