Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TomKat Kaput in '09? We Hope So

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December 30, 2008 - Newsletter

  TomKat Kaput in '09
Do you agree with our breakup wish list for the new year?

We don't like to wish heartbreak on any Hollywood couple (although it does make for tasty gossip), but some star duos simply need to split... for their own good. Who joins Tom and Katie on our top 10 wish list for 2009?

But, hey, we're not total love Grinches. We're keeping our fingers crossed for these made-for-each-other pairs. Will Brangelina finally make it official, and will we be invited? Find out who we think should tie the knot in the new year.

2008 Rewind:
Who had the best comeback?
Which star couldn't keep her mouth shut?
This young celeb caused quite a stir

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