Monday, December 15, 2008

ABC News Most Popular - Mon., December 15, 2008

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December 15, 2008

Illinois Legislature to Meet as Blagojevich Holes Up With Lawyer
Criminal Attorney Ready to Take Case as Calls for Governor to Go Heat Up More...
In Park: Detroit Waits for a Bailout Deal
US Automakers Discuss Aid for Troubled Auto Industry With Bush Administration
Exclusive: Bush 'Not Insulted' by Shoe Man
President Talks With Martha Raddatz About Iraq and His Legacy
Deadly Ice Storm Leaves +400K Powerless
Utility crews toil away as reality of more days of darkness sets in ice-ravaged NH
Suspect Arrested in Oregon Bank Bombing
Suspect arrested in Oregon bank bombing that killed 2 police officers, wounded chief
Top 10 Outrageous Celeb Contract Demands
From Blige's Toilet Seat to Aguilera's Flintstones Vitamins, Celeb Requests Reveal Quirks More...
Emanuel: I'm Getting Death Threats Over Blagojevich Scandal
Obama's Chief of Staff Delayed Going to Work Because of Media Stakeout
Exclusive: Bush 'Not Insulted' by Shoe Man
President Talks With Martha Raddatz About Iraq and His Legacy
McCain Swipes at GOP on Blago Scandal
'Obama Campaign Should and Will Give All Information Necessary,' Says Arizona Sen.
'Fall-Back' Jobs for the Recently Laid-Off
Recession-Proof Jobs to Help You Pay the Mortgage and Put Food on the Table
Bush Dodges Shoes, Shrugs It Off
Iraqi journalist throws his shoes at President Bush. More...
Woman Found Being Eaten Alive
A discovery in one Texas home involved maggots and a neglected woman.
President Bush: Exclusive Interview
The president discusses the shoe attack with ABC News' Martha Raddatz.
Roundtable: Blago Fallout
George Will, Paul Krugman, Jerry Seib and Gwen Ifill
EXCLUSIVE: Unaired McCain Ad With Obama's Pastor
The McCain campaign decided against running an ad featuring the Rev. Wright.
2008's Worst Fashion Decisions
A look back at the biggest fashion mishaps of 2008. More...
The Dwarf Who Played R2-D2, Hairy Chewbacca -- Where Are They Now?
30 years ago, 'Star Wars' made movie history.
It's War! Celeb Feuds
Singer Katy Perry apologizes for calling Lily Allen overweight.
Paul McCartney Through the Years
Beatles legend cuts new album under "Fireman" moniker.
Shoes and Soldiers: Bush in Iraq
A photo journey of Bush visits, from Thanksgiving '03 to flying shoes in '08.
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