Sunday, November 9, 2008

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In honor of service

Charles Woolard once had a commanding officer tell him "it's a good time to be in the military." Woolard, a Marine Corps medic at the Charleston Naval Weapons Station, understood exactly what he meant.

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Museum salutes U.S. veterans

MOUNT PLEASANT â€" The wars have new names, the troops fight with modern weapons and the politics play out back home. But to the veterans who served, the details of conflicts past and present matter less than the bond they share through their military service.


He was a student and bookseller before he became a drill sergeant. William Green went to New York to work by day and study by night. Soon after his classes at Hunter College began in 1970, the draft notice appeared.


Dick Whitaker jokes that he joined the Marine Corps in 1944 because "I saw too many John Wayne movies, I guess." But John Wayne was never shipped to Okinawa to see the fighting Whitaker did. On March 13, 1945, his 19th birthday, Whitaker boarded a transport headed for the reinforced Japanese island, splashing ashore two weeks later for what would be the last major fight of World War II.


Ronald Forsythe remembers flying by radar over the jungles of Vietnam, dipping below the clouds for touch-and-gos at Khe Sanh and countless tiny villages with names that he never even learned.

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