Thursday, November 13, 2008

AM News: Pastor to issue 7-day intimacy challenge

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Sugarland wins big at CMA's
Arrest made in shooting of Riverdale teen
Jarquavius Tisinger, 19, is accused in the Sunday killing of Joshua Richards, 17, a senior at Riverdale High School who was gunned down outside a south Atlanta nightclub last weekend.

Atlanta mayor says city needs a rescue
Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin says the city will direct employees to cut their hours - and pay - by 10 percent each week to help weather an expected budget shortfall of $50 million to $60 million. The pay and hour cuts affect 4,600 city employees.
Mayor freezes hiring, cuts hours.
More changes for $700B bailout plan?
Auto industry failure would be catastrophic
State tax revenue stable in October

Fulton counterfeiting scam is fake - really
A pair of men in Alpharetta thought they had a sucker on the hook when they tried to convince him they had a foolproof method of counterfeiting. The would-be mark, an undercover police detective, was not fooled.

James Brown's former in-law fatally shot
Darren Lumar, 38, suffered several gunshot wounds on Nov. 5 in what police describe as a violent struggle in the garage of his Buckhead townhouse. He was able to drive himself to Northside Hospital for treatment but died from his wounds within a day.
Man slain at Atlanta apartment complex

Georgia Tech researchers bend wires to make electricity
In a small step toward making electronics that can power themselves, researchers at Georgia Tech and the University of Dayton in Ohio have discovered how to generate electricity just by bending tiny wires back and forth.

Georgia Rep. repeats Marxist fears
After apologizing a day earlier for calling President-elect Barack Obama a "Marxist," Georgia Congressman Paul Broun Wednesday stood by warnings that Obama might set up a Gestapo-like civilian security force.
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Texas pastor to issue 7-day sex challenge
The Rev. Ed Young, pastor of a Dallas megachurch who has four children with his wife of 26 years, says he will challenge married congregants during his sermon Sunday to have sex for seven straight days - and he plans to practice what he preaches.
Disgraced pastor Haggard: I was abused as child

Pigeons hung at waste plant
The three dead birds were discovered hanging from fishing wire at the at the South Cobb facility over the weekend. One of the pigeons was hanging from wire that resembled a noose, Cobb County spokesman Robert Quigley said.

Gun stores report spike in sales
More than a week after the election of Barack Obama, gun buyers across the country are voting with their feet, flocking to gun stores to stock up on assault rifles, handguns and ammunition.

Sears brings back layaway for the holidays
The department store chain is bringing layaway back to its namesake stores next week, nearly two decades after it was scrapped, after seeing a strong response to the pay-as-you-go plan at its Kmart locations.

Kenny Chesney snags his 4th entertainer of the year award
Atlanta-based Sugarland won the Country Music Association award for duo of the year, and earlier, group member Jennifer Nettles won song of the year for hit "Stay."
Winners | Blog: It's like '07 | Photos
Vote: Best hair? Worst 'do? | Red carpet

New movies
"Quantum of Solace," "A Christmas Tale," "House of the Sleeping Beauties," "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas," "House," "The Road."

Hawks lose 1-point nail-biter to Celtics
Paul Pierce's 20-footer from the wing with half of a second to play gave the Celtics a 103-102 victory in a thriller, offsetting a 3-pointer from the corner by Marvin Williams that lifted the Hawks to a 102-101 lead with 7.4 seconds to play.
Restraining order request vs. Shaq pulled

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