Friday, November 14, 2008

CBS News Sunday Morning: Sex Addiction


Friday, Nov. 14, 2008  

Walk down any street, go to any theater, or just turn on your television set and you can’t escape sex. In a society that is bombarded with sexual images, it’s easy to conclude that we may be obsessed with sex. But addicted to it? That’s another matter. Some people do indeed believe that they are addicted to sex to the point that it ruins marriages and creates problems at the office. But there are many therapists who say sex addiction is a fantasy. So is sex addiction real? Correspondent Seth Doane examines the issue in our Sunday Morning cover story.

Figure skating is the most popular sport at the Winter Olympics and it’s no wonder: the power, the grace and even the sexiness of each performance certainly has a way of attracting fans and viewers. As for the skaters, a gold medal or national championship is a way to put their stamp on the sport. Sometimes reaching for that gold can foster some very tough competition, and that is certainly the case with American skaters Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek. Correspondent Thalia Assuras has a rink-side seat for this heated championship rivalry.


Competition is what is fueling space entrepreneurs in their quest to come up with the best vehicle to take ordinary folks, albeit, with extraordinary means, into orbit. Correspondent Daniel Sieberg endures a flight into weightlessness to tell us about the newest frontier, commercial space travel. 


In a bit of a blast from the past, we’ll hear from the man who made “Space Cowboy,” “Fly Like an Eagle” and “The Joker” part of rock and roll’s classic playlist -- musician Steve Miller.


Plus, most baby boomers remember actor Dennis Hopper from the 1969 film “Easy Rider,” but few may know that Hopper has appeared in more than 100 movies and scores of television shows as well. Correspondent Rita Braver catches up with Hopper on the set of his latest TV venture, “Crash,” to discuss his life as an actor, art collector and all-around Renaissance Man.


Those stories and more, this Sunday Morning.  Listen for the trumpet.


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