Friday, November 14, 2008

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November 14, 2008 | Afternoon Edition
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U.S. Retail Sales Take Record Plunge
Woeful Economy Causes Consumers To Sharply Cut Back On Spending In October

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Election Means Boon For (Some) Lobbyists
Washington Post: Democrats Benefit As Corporate Clients Brace For Change In Power And Obama Supporters Become Highly Sought

 After Palin's Rise, Romney Mulls Future
 Video Of Obama Radio Address To Go Online
 Obama Gets The Clinton Band Back Together

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Fires Rage In Montecito (2:14)

World Markets Swing Up (2:02)

Hillary For Sec'y Of State? (4:23)

Lucky Little Girl (3:33)

Sen. Dodd Wants Answers (3:50)

U.S. And Pakistan At Odds (3:04)
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Montecito Wildfire

Photos Of The Day

Celebrity Circuit

Latin Grammy Glam

CMA Red Carpet

On Stage At The CMAs
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Michael Steele Seeks RNC's Top Spot
Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Runs For Chairmanship As Party Looks To Regroup Following Disastrous Election  Read More
CBS Journalist Wounded In Pakistan
Sami Yousafzai Is Regular Contributor to CBS News, Read More
"From the Road" to the Curb: Pulling Over and Looking Back at Campaign '08
It's over Read More
Most Viewed
1. President-Elect Obama On 60 Minutes Sunday
2. Prop. 8 Anger Spurs Donor Blacklists
3. Hillary Clinton For Secretary Of State?
4. U.K. Facing Sperm Donor Shortage
5. Cheneys Welcome Bidens At V.P. Mansion
1. Evening News Online, 11.13.08 (21:16)
2. The Electronic Wasteland (12:40)
3. Spotlight On Palin In Miami (1:52)
4. Obama's Inner Circle (13:14)
5. U.S. And Pakistan At Odds (3:04)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Montecito Wildfire
3. Charles At 60
4. Photos Of The Day
5. Latin Grammy Glam

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