Thursday, November 13, 2008

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PressPass - Preview

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Salsa dancing takes over the Lowcountry
Salsa dancing takes over the Lowcountry The first time I tried salsa dancing, the dance floor was packed, Latin music swelled out the doors and beautiful people were doing moves I had never seen before. The dancers were both local and from all over, but the only language being spoken was salsa. I was hooked and I hadn't even started dancing yet.
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Pumped to take to the gridiron... before learning that actually means 'football field'

If any football coach out there is looking for a kicker who can make a clutch field goal â€" assuming the wind is behind him and the other team doesn't rush anybody and the turf is smooth and nobody in the stands is watching and his teammates are all really supportive, saying things like, "You can do it" and "I never noticed how handsome you are, Bryce" and we have a 35-point lead and the football is swapped out for a kick ball â€" I can confidently say, keep looking.
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Local, national acts combine for show at The Pour House
The third annual Holy City Cold Heart Revival rolls into The Pour House on Saturday night. With eight alt-country bands playing on two stages and $12 admission, it wouldn't be hard to fit this into the night's plans.
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Herzog documentary finds charm at bottom of world

No penguins, vowed Werner Herzog. No fluffy waddling munchkins. No anthropomorphizing, and no sentimental slop in his documentary, "Encounters at the End of the World." The National Science Foundation and the Discovery Channel may have paid the famously dour filmmaker to venture to McMurdo Station, a community of 1,100 somewhat eccentric scientists and researchers in Antarctica, but no one was going to tell him what to film at the bottom of the world when he got there.
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Nick Jenkins releases calendar of artwork, celebrates with performances
With the New Year on the horizon, it's time to buy another calendar. Luckily for Charleston, there's a uniquely bright option for 2009. On Saturday, 52.5 Records on King Street will host its second annual calendar release party. This year's collection, "Wake up it's Today," was drawn entirely by local artist Nick Jenkins.
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You can't go wrong dining at the birthplace of Epicuros and the home of Pythagoras
'Don't judge a book by its cover" is an idiom we are all familiar with. It rings true as you drive by the Coleman Boulevard location of Samos Taverna. An austere, white stucco exterior, "landscaped" with foundation plantings of bamboo, belies the warm, cozy, glowing space that is the newest player in the Mount Pleasant restaurant scene.
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