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November 14, 2008

On Capitol Hill, Bum's Rush for Bailout Chief

Kashkari, Paulson, WH Blamed for Helping Wall St. and Hurting Main St.

The government's bailout czar got harshed on Capitol Hill today, as a panel of angry lawmakers berated him for the administration's perceived failure to stem the foreclosure crisis, while rapidly deploying hundreds of billions of dollars to shore up U.S. banks. Republicans and Democrats alike on the panel blasted Neel Kashkari; his boss, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, and the White House for pushing Congress to approve $700 billion to buy troubled mortgage assets, only to switch course weeks later and commit $250 billion to banks and other financial institutions.

New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food

Ex-employees Tell ABC News the Firm Used Dog Food Sacks to Smuggle Unauthorized Weapons to Iraq

A federal grand jury in North Carolina is investigating allegations the controversial private security firm Blackwater illegally shipped assault weapons and silencers to Iraq, hidden in large sacks of dog food, has learned. Under State Department rules, Blackwater is prohibited from using certain assault weapons and silencers in Iraq because they are considered "offensive" weapons inappropriate for Blackwater's role as a private security firm protecting US diplomatic missions.

CIA Chief: Bin Laden Alive, Worried About 'Own Security'

Hayden Says U.S. Disrupted Plot That Would Have Rivaled 9/11

Osama bin Laden is alive and "putting a lot of energy into his own security," the director of the CIA, General Michael Hayden, said today. He also claimed, without providing details, that the US intelligence community had disrupted an attack "that would have rivaled the destruction of 9/11." A senior intelligence official said Hayden was referring to the 2006 liquid bomb on airliners plot that was foiled in London.

Another AIG Resort 'Junket': Top Execs Caught on Tape

KNXV Discovers $343,000 Secret Gathering, AIG Signs and Logos Hidden

Even as the company was pleading the federal government for another $40 billion dollars in loans, AIG sent top executives to a secret gathering at a luxury resort in Phoenix last week. Reporters for (KNXV) caught the AIG executives on hidden cameras poolside and leaving the spa at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, despite apparent efforts by the company to disguise its involvement. "AIG made significant efforts to disguise the conference, making sure there were no AIG logos or signs anywhere on the property," KNXV reported.

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