Thursday, November 13, 2008

ABC News Most Popular - Thu., November 13, 2008

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November 13, 2008

World Markets Tumble on Grim U.S. News
Europe's markets follow Asia down amid recession fears; Germany officially contracting More...
Foreclosure Rates Still Climbing
Nation's foreclosure rate in October increases 25 percent year-over-year, with Nevada on top
Lobbyists Banned, but Big Donors Play Major Transition Roles
President-Elect Obama's Real Test on Transparency Yet to Come
U.S. Soldier Killed in Afghan Bombing
8 Afghan civilians, American soldier killed in suicide attack on US convoy
Michelle Obama: The Making of a First Lady
New First Lady: Glamorous Like Jackie, Formidable Like Hillary, Homepsun Like Laura
Paula Abdul Crush Ends in Suicide
Former 'Idol' Contestant Paula Goodspeed Had Not-So-Secret Crush on Judge More...
Mormons Targeted for Prop 8 Mobilization
Critics Question Church's Role in Lobbying; Accuse Mormons of Bigotry
Ancient Rome Seen on Google Earth
Ancient Rome simulation goes online with 3D reconstruction housed on Google Earth
Michelle Obama: The Making of a First Lady
New First Lady: Glamorous Like Jackie, Formidable Like Hillary, Homepsun Like Laura
Scientist Held in Poisoning Case
A Researcher at UCSF Confessed to Police That He Poisoned a Co-worker
Beaten Cheerleader Speaks Out
The girl attacked in Lakeland, Fla., discusses her experience. More...
What Is a Job Club?
Tory Johnson explains how a job club could help solve your work worries.
Kitesurfer's Whale of a ... Tail?
Kiteboarder David Sheridan was smacked in the head by a whale's tail.
Whoopi: Obama's In-Law Is a 'Fly Granny'
The ladies of "The View" weigh in on a grandmother in the White house.
Abdul Fan's Idol Audition
The former "American Idol" contestant was found dead near Abdul's home.
H'wood's Greatest Gay Moments
Groundbreaking cultural moments, brought to you by Hollywood. More...
Suge Knight Takes on Kanye West
Ex-Death Row mogul Suge Knight sues rapper Kanye West for more than $135,000.
Cindy Still Supermodel Hot
These Hollywood stars are proving that age is nothing but a number.
Brad Pitt vs. the Paparazzi
Actor takes on his toughest role: Paparazzi patrol!
New Record for Longest Legs
A Russian woman sets a new record for the world's longest legs.
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