Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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October 28, 2008 | Afternoon Edition
Top Stories
Vitamin E A Flop In Prostate Cancer Trial
CBS Evening News Exclusive: Vitamin E And Selenium Fail To Prevent The Disease In Large Clinical Trial

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The Early Show
Early Voting Undercutting McCain?
Expert: Even If He Mounts Late Comeback, Its Impact Could Be Blunted By Ballots Already Cast If Obama Is Truly Ahead

 Early Show: Did Obama Dye His Hair?
 CBS Evening News: Vitamin E A Flop In Prostate Cancer Trial
 CBS Evening News: A Tomato Of A Different Color

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Bush's Unexpected Bright Spot
National Review Online: The Mideast Strategic Landscape Has Never Been This Favorable

 New York Times Finds What It's Looking For
 Why Ralph Nader Runs
 Oliver Stone's "W." Backfires

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A Dreamgirl's Nightmare (4:56)

McCain's Comeback Chances (1:59)

Cancer Fight Goes Purple (2:09)

John Legend's 'Green Light' (5:21)

Price Hikes Here To Stay? (1:50)

Election Day Drawing Near (5:10)
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Celebrity Circuit

Carousel of Hope

Photos Of The Day

2008 World Series: Game 5

Hudson's Heartbreak

Congo Chaos
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Starting Gate: One Week To Go
GOP Could Use Some Rare Good News In Final Week Read More
Breaking Down The Money Race
Sharyl Attkisson Follows Obama And McCain's Campaign Donations Read More
Palin To Talk Energy Security In Toledo
Campaigning in Pa. Read More
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1. Who's Really Backing Barack Obama?
2. The Bet That Blew Up Wall Street
3. Hitting Obama On "Redistributive Change"
4. Pickens: My Energy Plan Is The "Only Plan"
5. Vitamin E A Flop In Prostate Cancer Trial
1. Obama Reacts To Death Threat (0:37)
2. Man On A Mission (12:47)
3. Credit Default Swaps (12:26)
4. Evening News Online, 10.27.08 (20:49)
5. Raking In The Bucks (2:33)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Photos Of The Day
3. Hudson's Triple Tragedy
4. The Stork Club
5. Jennifer Hudson

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