Monday, January 19, 2009

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January 19, 2009 | Afternoon Edition
Top Stories
Obama Sees His Race As Opportunity
Washington Post: President-Elect's Biracial Heritage May Unify, Transform Nation

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Gates Designated Successor On Inaug. Day
Defense Secretary Will Be Kept At Undisclosed Location So That He Can Take Over Government In Case Of Disaster

 Political Morning Bulletin
 Exclusive: Aides Map First 100 Hours
 Hero Pilot To Be At Inauguration

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Well-Versed: The Inaugural Poets
Elizabeth Alexander Joins The Short List Of Poets Reading At A Presidential Inauguration

 "Mall Cop" Tops Box Office
 Mariah Carey: Once Again, The Most
 Filmmaker Stone Praises Hugo Chavez

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Good Riddance, Dubya
MarketWatch Media Columnist Jon Friedman Asks Why Bush Saying Hello When It's Time To Say Good-bye

 Our Nation's Greatest Strength
 Poll: Positive Feelings For Michelle Obama
 CBS Poll: Americans Optimistic About Obama

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A Celebration Of American Renewal (1:41)

Change And Challenge (0:15)

Join CBS News' Mobile Coverage (1:01)

First Lady Fashion Statement (4:08)

The Day After The Inauguration (3:01)

Historic Security In D.C. (2:01)
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Lincoln Memorial Concert

Obama At Arlington

2008 NFL Championship Playoffs

Gaza Cease-Fire, At Last

" We Are One"

Submerged Jet Pulled From River
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Bush Bids Goodbye To World Leaders
President Places Phone Calls To Putin, Peres, Berlusconi, Others As His Term Ends Read More
The Notebook: A Real Hero
There Simply Aren't Enough Adjectives To Describe What Pilot Chesley Sullenberger Did Yesterday Read More
Iran: 2 Aids Researchers Were U.S. Pawns
Official Names Docs, Including Harvard Trained Expert, In Alleged U.S. Overthrow Plot Read More
Most Viewed
1. Double Whammy In Plane Splashdown
2. Air Force One Pilot Calls It Quits
3. Peace, Love And Murder
4. The Doomsday Memo
5. Star-Studded Show Launches Inauguration
1. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
2. The Animal Odd Couple (2:44)
3. New Hudson Jet Crash Details (2:18)
4. A Celebration Of American Renewal (1:41)
5. Face The Nation, 1.18.09 (21:58)
1. Lincoln Memorial Concert
2. Obama's Inaugural Train Ride
3. Submerged Jet Pulled From River
4. Plane Down In Hudson
5. " We Are One"

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