Monday, January 19, 2009

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January 19, 2009 | Morning Edition
Top Stories
A Long Climb To Power Nears Its Pinnacle
Barack Obama's Path To The Presidency Paved By Decades-Long Struggle Of Black Politicians And Activists

CBS News Programs
The Early Show: Recipes
Throw Your Own Inaugural Bash!
Well-Known D.C. Chef "Spike" Mendelsohn Offers Recipes, And Early Show Contributor Laura Schwartz Shares Tips

 Sunday Morning: This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
 Sunday Morning: The Doomsday Memo
 48 Hours: Peace, Love And Murder

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Politics  » More Politics
"Our Road Will Be Long"
President-Elect Barack Obama Tells Crowd At Lincoln Memorial That Americans Must Show Their Character In Tough Times

 Murkowski Asks President To Pardon Stevens
 Poll: Positive Feelings For Michelle Obama
 Biden Lauds "Dignity In Work"

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"Mall Cop" Tops Box Office
Kevin James Comedy Surpasses Expectations, Pushes Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino," To Second Place

 Mariah Carey: Once Again, The Most
 Filmmaker Stone Praises Hugo Chavez
 Tiger Woods Joins Inaugural Events

Opinion  » More Opinion
Good Riddance, Dubya
MarketWatch Media Columnist Jon Friedman Asks Why Bush Saying Hello When It's Time To Say Good-bye

 Our Nation's Greatest Strength
 Poll: Positive Feelings For Michelle Obama
 CBS Poll: Americans Optimistic About Obama

Top Videos  » More Videos

A Celebration Of American Renewal (1:41)

Change And Challenge (0:15)

Fighting For The Working Class (1:45)

Kicking Off Inauguration Week (1:40)

New Hudson Jet Crash Details (2:18)

The Fighting Continues (1:25)
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Lincoln Memorial Concert

Obama At Arlington

2008 NFL Championship Playoffs

Gaza Cease-Fire, At Last

" We Are One"

Submerged Jet Pulled From River
Latest Blog Posts  » More Blogs
Murkowski Asks Bush To Pardon Stevens
Disgraced Alaska Senator Read More
The Notebook: A Real Hero
There Simply Aren't Enough Adjectives To Describe What Pilot Chesley Sullenberger Did Yesterday Read More
Iran: 2 Aids Researchers Were U.S. Pawns
Official Names Docs, Including Harvard Trained Expert, In Alleged U.S. Overthrow Plot Read More
Most Viewed
1. NTSB: Flight 1549's Engines Both Cut Out
2. Air Force One Pilot Calls It Quits
3. Peace, Love And Murder
4. The Doomsday Memo
5. Bush's Final Approval Rating: 22 Percent
1. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
2. The Animal Odd Couple (2:44)
3. New Hudson Jet Crash Details (2:18)
4. A Celebration Of American Renewal (1:41)
5. From Lincoln To Obama (2:19)
1. Obama's Inaugural Train Ride
2. Lincoln Memorial Concert
3. Submerged Jet Pulled From River
4. Plane Down In Hudson
5. " We Are One"

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