Monday, January 19, 2009

10 Most Popular Stories of the Week

10 Most Popular Stories from
Monday, January 19, 2009

1.Q&A: How to Survive a Plane Crash
By Gilbert Cruz
Former TV producer Ben Sherwood writes about how best to survive
a plane crash in his forthcoming book, The Survivors Club$zuyzVyp/time1-22

2.The Mystery of Borderline Personality Disorder
By John Cloud
People with borderline personality disorder are some of psycholog
y's hardest cases. Many commit suicide. But recent treatment adva
nces are unlocking what was once a mystery illness$zuyzVyp/time2-22

3.First Rule of the Ant Colony: No Hanky-Panky
By Jeffrey Kluger
Ants don't tolerate philandering -- promiscuous ants are attacked
and killed. Now scientists have figured out how the colony knows
who's been up to no good.$zuyzVyp/time3-22

4.Obama's Other Breakthrough: A Big-City President
By Amy Sullivan / Washington
Not since Teddy Roosevelt has there been a President who understa
nds the needs of cities$zuyzVyp/time4-22

5.Bush's Closing Argument: Was Anybody Listening?
By David Von Drehle
The President made his closing argument for the history books, st
ressing the fight against terrorism and downplaying the economy$zuyzVyp/time5-22

6.Plane in the Water: How Flight 1549 Averted Tragedy
By Kate Pickert and Alex Altman / New York
What caused U.S. Airways Flight 1549 to crash into the waters of
the Hudson River? And how was disaster averted?$zuyzVyp/time6-22

7.Bush's Last Press Conference: Full of Disappointment
By Massimo Calabresi / Washington
A maudlin President Bush reflects on the disappointments of his t
enure and struggles to own to his mistakes$zuyzVyp/time7-22

8.Google Earth Takes On the Prado's Masterworks
By Lisa Abend / Madrid
Fourteen paintings in the Madrid museum are now available for inc
redibly close study$zuyzVyp/time8-22

9.Andrew Wyeth's Problematic Legacy
By Richard Lacayo
Popular and apparently antimodern, Andrew Wyeth, who died today a
t 91, was the great problem figure of 20th century American art$zuyzVyp/time9-22

10.The US Airways Crash: A Growing Bird Hazard
By M.J. Stephey
As habitats shrink and air travel booms, birds and aircraft are c
rossing paths with increasing frequency -- and sometimes disastro
us results$zuyzVyp/time10-22

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ackstageGentleman Jim waits to perform at the European Elvis Com
petition in lackpool, England.

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