Monday, January 19, 2009 A New Day, A New Way

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January 19, 2009 - Newsletter

A New Day, A New Way
Planets, pioneers and progress!
If it weren't for retrograde Mercury's backtrack into Capricorn on January 21 when review and reassessment are important, this entire week would be about the future. The Sun enters humanitarian Aquarius on January 19, followed by the Sun's conjunction to expansive Jupiter on January 23. You get a wake-up call with a solar eclipse on January 25. Don't hit the snooze! It's time to get involved!

For more in-depth info on what these transits mean and how they'll affect your week, read up on The Stars This Week.

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Pay It Forward
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Maximize This Week's Energy

  • This is an energy-filled week, so a good night's rest might be a bit of a challenge. Instead of counting sheep, check out Why the Signs Can't Sleep.
  • The Sun's entrance into humanitarian Aquarius on the 19th encourages us all to remember to treat each other well. Let Kindness by the Signs remind you of your best qualities!
  • On the 25th, let the eclipse inspire you to learn more about this cosmic event in Phases and Eclipses.

  • Coming next week: Leave the past behind ...

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