Monday, January 19, 2009

The fascinating story behind the unique BIBLE Barack Obama has chosen to use when he takes the oath of office. It's all part of our complete CBS News coverage of the Inauguration TONIGHT on THE CBS EVENING NEWS with Katie Couric live from Washington, D.C.


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“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. "
-Nelson Mandela

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In 1962, the Mashed Potato, the Loco-Motion, the Frug, the Monkey, and the Funky Chicken were popular dances.

Tonight On The CBS Evening News

Here’s an early look at what we are working on for tonight’s broadcast of The CBS Evening News from Anchor and Managing Editor, Katie Couric

Hi everyone from Washington, D.C., where I'll kick off our Inauguration coverage tonight. Americans are also commemorating the 80th birthday of civil-rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr., and Washington is brimming with people celebrating the convergence of historic events. Chip Reid begins our coverage at the Capitol.

The crowds actually started arriving over the weekend, packing the National Mall and jamming the Metro subway system. Sharyl Attkisson spoke with some of the millions who’ve traveled from far and wide to witness the inaugural ceremonies.

We'll also look forward to President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural address by taking a look … back. Jeff Greenfield, a former presidential speechwriter himself, has a short history of the best - and worst - of the memorable inaugural speeches given by our country's leaders.

Finally tonight: when Mr. Obama is sworn in tomorrow, he'll place his right hand on the famed "Lincoln Bible." It is the same bible the great emancipator used in 1861 - but you might be surprised where it actually came from. Bill Plante has this bible story.

Also, just a quick note about our plans for Inauguration Day tomorrow. In addition to daylong coverage on CBS, I'll be anchoring a live prime time special, Change and Challenge, The Inauguration of Barack Obama, beginning at 9 p.mET/8:00pm CT. And then, it's time for what we call our “after party,” our live Webcast. It begins at 10 p.mET/9:00pmCT. Check it out here, and be sure to submit any questions you have about the inauguration! Click Here

See you tonight!


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Here’s an early look at one of the stories we are working on for Tuesday’s broadcast of The CBS Evening News:

As Barack Obama makes history Tuesday in Washington....stay with CBS News for complete coverage of all the day's events...then, catch a special edition of the CBS Evening News....and later, our Primetime special, Change and Challenge: The Inauguration of Barack Obama. It's all coming up Tuesday night on CBS.

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Tonight On David Letterman

Join Dave tonight with Actress Jennifer Aniston, Actor Jim Carrey… Plus musical guests Broken Social Scene!


Tuesday Morning On The Early Show

Maggie Rodriguez,, Harry Smith and Russ Mitchell will anchor the THE EARLY SHOW from Washington, DC. Dave Price will bring us the weather from the mall in DC. Julie Chen is on assignment.

These are just a few of the highlights we are working on for Tuesday’s Inaugural coverage

A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE This will be Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer’s 12th Inauguration. Only he can lend the historical perspective that this day will bring. You won’t want to miss his unique analysis as he takes you through this special day.

INAUGURATION SECURITY HEIGHTENS - Former secret service agent Andrew O’Connell will take you inside the extensive security that has been set up for the day’s events. He will also tell those attending what they should do in the event of an emergency, and talk about the concerns that officials are having this year, with such a large turn out of visitors.

INAUGURATION TECHNOLOGY - Early Show correspondent and spokesperson for CNET Natalie Del Conte, will talk about the mechanical aspects of the Inauguration - how people are getting in, the security, and why this Inauguration is more technologically advanced than any in previous years.

ONE FAMILY’S LONG ROAD TO THE INAGURATION - This historic Inauguration is bringing people of all ages and races from around the country. Russ Mitchell will introduce you one of the families who is determined to see Barack Obama be sworn in as the first African American family. Ten members of the Bostic family from Atlanta, Georgia, rented a church bus, and will be driving all the way to Washington DC to witness this historic event. You won’t want to miss their heart warming story of how they got here.

MOVING DAY FOR THE OBAMAS - The Obamas move into the White House on Inauguration Day--the same day the Bushes move out. The whole five-hour procedure is extremely well-choreographed. Tons of assistants, household staff, painters, carpenters, florists and even calligraphers will all be quickly making a transition between Bush’s departure and the end of Obama’s Inauguration speech. Senior White House correspondent Bill Plante will join us live from the White House with a special inside look at how the move is done.

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