Monday, January 19, 2009

More Good UK News on The DailyDust today

More Good UK News on The DailyDust today

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Lets Help Get The UK Clocks Running

Posted: 19 Jan 2009 06:26 AM CST

A stopped clock needs to be right all day, not just twice.

The Stopped Clock Foundation, set up by UK media entrepreneur Alfie Dennen, aims to get all the public clocks in the country that are stopped to work again. With Good Directions now a partner in the endeavour, their goal is getting nearer.

Les Kirk, Good Directions is a restoration experts and have over 35 years experience in returning timepieces to their former glory.

"Good Directions is thrilled to have found a like minded enthusiast in Alfie" says Les, "and we are looking forward to working together in our common cause to provide a solution and bring life back into these clocks."

And Dennen's thoughts? "Together we aim to achieve a lasting result for the public good, to help us re-discover our heritage, and enrich the shared communal spaces around us."

Good luck in your very British Windmill Tilting quest.

You can find more at Stopped Clocks.

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I Want My Full Fee, declares Mutya

Posted: 19 Jan 2009 03:50 AM CST

Celeb Big Brother contestant calls foul on show's producers.

Mutya Buena is fighting to get her full fee from Channel 4 after she walked out on Friday night from the Celebrity Big Brother House. The fees paid to housemates are on the understanding that they stay in until they are evicted, otherwise a pro-rata calculation on the money owed will be carried out.

Following the antics of Coolio (which has seen Ofcom receive complaints), Mutya said in The Mirror "The producers should have stepped in to stop this earlier. I quit because I could not tolerate what was going on any longer."

So will she sit back and take her reduced fee? Nope. Arguing that the management of the show was lacking, she'll be looking for one hundred percent of her rumoured £75,000 cheque.

(Hat tip to Digital Spy and The Mirror).

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Demons not Winning Against Viewing Public

Posted: 19 Jan 2009 03:29 AM CST

ITV Fantasy Drama Loosing Viewers

After a high profile launch and buckets of media coverage, TV series have to stand on their own two feet to keep the viewers who tuned in for the first episode. Unfortunately ITV's fantasy/action series Demons, starring Philip Glenister has been haemorrhaging watchers since it's debut three weeks ago.

The launch saw a respectable 5.7 million viewers (which is comparable to Merlin and Robin Hood on the BBC, other similar genre shows). This weekend saw only 4.18 million viewers tune in to watch the Demo chasing action, a drop of almost 25%

While there is always a drop in viewers when a new show starts, to see a consistent drop of this scale rarely means that something good is happening. If you're desperate to see Mackenzie Crook play the Lord of The Underworld with a dodgy fake nose, you'd better hurry.

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10 Percent of Children in Britain born to Mixed Race Families

Posted: 19 Jan 2009 12:00 AM CST

A study by the Equality and Human Rights Commission finds young people are 6 times more likely than their parents to be mixed race. In Britain, one in ten children live in mixed raced families.

The result of the increase in mixed raced families could mean that smaller ethnic groups could disappear.

The report, entitled Ethnicity and Family: Relationships Within and Between Ethnic Groups, was written by Lucinda Platt, from the University of Essex.

She said: “There is clear evidence that across groups inter-ethnic partnerships tend to be increasing.

“There has been a dramatic shift over the last 10 years and what we mean when we talk about minority groups is changing.”

The report also stated that ethnic minorities who were born in the UK were more likely to find themselves in mixed race relationships.

“Consistent with our expectations, men tended to have higher rates of inter-ethnic partnerships than women from the same group,” said Miss Platt.

“Black Caribbean men and women were the most likely of any group to be in an inter-ethnic partnership and this increased between first and second generations.

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Just Dance Still On Top of the Charts

Posted: 18 Jan 2009 04:44 PM CST

Lady GaGa Just makes a second week at #1 as Roger Whittaker Returns.

New York starlet Lady Gaga has continued her occupation of the UK charts with a second week at number one in the singles chart with Just Dance.

On top of that, a second track from her album The Fame entered the charts (we assume from digital sales) at #30. And that album? New entry at number three on the album charts.

You Go Girl!

In the album charts, Kings of Leon swapped back to number two, allowing The Script's self titled album to climb back on top. And congratulations Roger Whittaker, who's greatest hits collection, The Golden Age, entered at #16.

UK Singles Chart, Jan 19th
Just Dance – Lady Gaga
Day N Night – Kid Cudi vs Crookers
Broken Strings – James Morrison and Nelly Furtado
Issues – The Saturdays
Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil' Wayne

UK Albums Chart, Jan 19th
The Script – The Script
Only By The Night – Kings of Leon
The Fame – Lady GaGa
Songs For You, Truths For Me – James Morrison and Nelly Furtado
Rockferry – Duffy

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