Sunday, December 14, 2008

Party Perfect in 5 Days: Day Three: Start Shopping
Party Perfect in 5 Days
Day Three: Start Shopping
 | How to Shop
Cynthia Nellis   from Cynthia Nellis
Looking for the perfect dress is half the fun of going to a special event. Just remember to save enough time to do it right. The most efficient way is to shop by yourself; the most fun way is to shop with a friend. Your choice!
How to Shop
  Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Shop
These tips for smarter shopping will help you buy a better wardrobe by spending less time and money.
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  Shop in a Ritzy Store
Dress shopping may take you into chi chi stores you don't feel comfortable in. Follow our tips and shop like a pro.
  How to Shop in a Hurry
Are you out of time for the big event? Then use some quick tips to get you ready to shop the mall in a flash.
  7 Secrets of Highly Successful Sale Shoppers
Successful sale shopping for a formal dress isn't like a trip to the grocery store: coupon clipping won't likely score you any big discounts off of the dress you really want. Find the secret to getting great stuff for a steal.
Cynthia Nellis
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